Role Play with Me Feel the Need to Play Again

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Role Play with Me Feel the Need to Play Again

Unread postby napy666 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:38 pm

I tried making friends on here, to role play with through online messengers, AIM and YAHOO. Little to no success happened and I stopped role playing altogether for quite sometime. Now I decided I want to get back out there and play online again. If there are any guys who want to play and can play right now, feel free to comment me your AIM or YAHOO name below. Here is some details in regards to my role play styling.

I have always been accustomed to online Role Playing, always playing the role of that damsel in distress, who gets kidnapped, captured, then bound and gagged, left to be rescued in the end. The following is a summary of the types of gags, tie-ups, and roles I take a liking towards.

As mentioned, I like playing the damsel role, so I like getting kidnapped, grabbed from behind, then chloroformed, while being groped, then tossed into the trunk of the car or the backs seat of the car if not the front seat. Once knocked out, I'd like the kidnapper to gag me of course, along with tying me up, I preferably like, rope, having my ankles, knees, and wrists tied behind my back, with a over the mouth gag, just like all of the damsels pictured in the cartoons, movies, television, and music videos.

After being bound and gagged, I would be taken to their hideout or other location depending on what roles are played, then put someplace like a spare bedroom, attic, basement, or bedroom, left to struggle helplessly. Then after some time has passed have the kidnapper return to then have their way with me, groping me, all over, but only on the outside of the clothing. IF I feel comfortable enough I may allow slight nudity, having my breasts exposed, but tied up, then having me hop around, trying to get free, having my breasts flopping up and down.

Or have me tied up to a chair or the bed with a vibrator tied to my crotch area, leaving me to struggle. Another thing I enjoy and IF I feel comfortable enough, again deals with slight nudity, where the guy would pull his cock from out of his pants/boxers, then slap me in the face, crotch area, or breasts.


Chair Tied 1: Basic tie, having my ankles, knees, and wrists tied behind my back, with me gagged, sitting in the chair, like all of the damsels shown in cartoons, movies, television, and music videos.

Chair Tied 2: Having each of my ankles and knees tied to each of the chair's leg, while my wrists are either tied behind my back, or on the chair's arm rests depending on the chair.

Bed Tied 1: Me being tied to the bed spread eagle, having reach ankle and each wrist tied to each of the bed posts.

Bed Tied 2: Having my wrists tied together above my head, with my ankles only tied apart to each of the bed posts.

Hog Tied 1: I like the original basic hog tie, where I am laying on my stomach with just my wrists and ankles tied behind me.

Hog tied 2: Same way with me on my stomach except my wrists, ankles, and knees are tied up.

Hog Tied 3: Again it being this same way, me on my stomach with my wrists, knees, ankles, and then my upper arms, elbows, also tied.

Basic Tie - Having my wrists, ankles, and knees tied with me gagged, left to struggle, either it'd be sitting in a chair or laying on the ground.


Penis Toy Gag
Locking Penis Pump Gag
Strict Leather Stuffer Mouth Gag
Inflatable Rubber Penis Gag
Bondage Tape
Over the Mouth
Stuffing: Panties into a Layered Gag


Boyfriend/Girlfriend - The boyfriend and girlfriend hanging out but the girlfriend is kidnapped so the boyfriend has to come to her rescue.

EX-Boyfriend/EX-Girlfriend - The boyfriend and girlfriend break up and the boyfriend becomes that ex-boyfriend who's a stalker, obsessive, controlling, wants to have the girlfriend to himself, if not go so far as to kill her.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Best Friend - the best friend of the boyfriend or girlfriend who disapproves of the person they are dating, and the best friend is the one who has the crush on the person, and ends up kidnapping them. So their said partner has to come to the rescue.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Parents disapprove of the girlfriend, so they hire someone to kidnap her, and have her boyfriend be set up with someone new.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Girlfriend is kidnapped, while boyfriend is put under a trance by a new female who puts the guy under her spell, having him to herself.
Best Friends: Girl has that best friend who is crazy about her and wants him all to himself.

Brother/Sister - I have never had a sibling so allowing these roles is always fun for me. I am the little sister and I have the older brother, I usually have the setting be us as high schoolers or adults. I would have that older brother who disapproves of who I am dating and tries his best to show proof that my Boyfriend is cheating or he tries his best to break us up and not have me dating anyone anymore.


Vampire/Human - I am the Vampire and a Human finds out about my true identity and goes out of their way to capture me, do experiments, and sell me off to the black market.

Vampire/Hunter - I am again the Vampire and there is a hunter, hunting down all of the vampires around the globe, he captures me and decides to either sell me off or kill me.

Vampire/Werewolf 1: Me being a Vampire, we have always been at war with the werewolves, so their pack kidnaps me, and holds me for ransom or decides whether to sell me off or kill me.

Vampire/Werewolf 2: Me being a Vampire, I date a Werewolf, and their pack disapproves of this and kidnaps me, threatening to kill me, if him and I do not call things off.

Vampire/Werewolf/Hunter: The hunter, vampires, and werewolf's some all team up to hunt down other vampires, werewolf's, capturing them to have them fight against one another, in a gambling type of way, then selling them off or keeping them for themselves.


Music Reporter/Band Manger: In real life I am indeed a Music Journalist/Reporter so I do cover live bands, interviewing them, reviewing them, photographing them, etc. So here, I would have the band's manager, kidnap me, because he disliked what I had written up about his clients, so he wanted to do away with me, preventing me from working in the music industry again.

Music Reporter/Band: This can work in several ways, I am invited to a band's showcase, and they ask for me to interview them backstage and tie me up, gagging me as well. Or they invite me over to their studio or house and tie me up, gagging me, after interviewing them.

Music Reporter/Security Guard: I am attending a concert, where the security guard doesn't like me covering the event, so he grabs me, ties me up and gags me, so I cannot cover the event and decides what to do with me.

Music Reporter/Music Reporter: A rival music reporter captures me, tying me up and gagging me to prevent from covering under my own market anymore, and thinks I am far too popular, getting all of the coverage, while they are not, so they do away with me.

Music Reporter/Band VS. Band: I get captured, tied up, and gagged, by another band, because the guy I am seeing is in a rival band and they disapprove of this and want us to break up.

Music Reporter/Number 1 Fan: I have become very popular so much so, that I have my own fan base and as all fan bases, they have some pretty crazy fans. I end up with that one fan, who claims to be the number 1 fan out there. They know everything about me, stalk me, take photos of me, etc. They decide to kidnap me for themselves and prove how much of a fan they are of mine.
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