Seald helpless in fantisy custom body bag

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Seald helpless in fantisy custom body bag

Unread postby tpe-bdsm-sub4ltens » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:40 pm

Unknown to the other side from inside this bondage body bag.
This is a fantasy yet should there be someone that can make this so that i can act out this fantasy to deliberately get myself
sealed up and helplessly being tortured to the point of pushing the stop switch (stop switch explanation at end of page)

To all the bondage, self-bondage, torture and breath control freaks here who can help me with this predicament.

I had some time to think about the best way of getting my self in a bondage situation that needs no assistance from anyone besides being released at the end of the session and came up with an idea of a layered body bag while being physically restrained to the point where any violent movements would reflect to the outside as an unattended bag..

Pushing my own extreme twisted and totally mental imagination to the point of having such an bag that could actually enforce the slave being restrained inside it to an permanent termination without anyone knowing about it from the outside, eventually being discovered only to find out the bag and it's restrained object is completely solidified inside an airtight sound proof and water hungry grave. Even as the actual time frame to stop such an event is unnoticed.

This body bag that i have in mind i would mainly use on my self, getting myself into it for it's restriction capability as well as the rush of knowing that there would be no way out should anything go wrong.

The bag consisting out of two individual body bags one slightly larger the the other one, both openings to the the bags are joined together by one access point. having a rather large opening between the inner bag's air water and sound proof seal and the outer bags reinforced heavy duty steel zip. The outer bag's texture and material being of such sort that when inflated with a separation gel it expands slightly outwards but the majority of pressure is being passed onto the inner softer body bag that's being sucked out delivering a compressing suction of 15 kg per inc over the entire body making movement impossible on top of the self adjusted and tightened one way locking restraints before being compressed down. This gel being pumped in through out an high pressure process delivering an added 1.5 psi over an replaceable and thin glass tube surrounding the extraction valve. Crushing and exposing a solidifying welding liquid sealing off that valve completely.

The inner bag is rigged to the bone. Having a mounting beam in the center of the bag, mounted with several straps that's pushed into their count pointing locks after seated over an steel but plug automatically expanding as you push you down more genitals are lined up and anchored down while the use of an prince Albert piercing would be advised where through a bolt lock is pushed into the submerged lock underneath the mounting beam pulling the shift in one direction while completing the anal and shaft electrical current.

The ankle lock is two individual steel cables where each ankle is been wrapped several times with this cable and the end point is pushed into their own submerged lock underneath the beam legs been pinned down using thick straps pulled tightly pressing them down and into their preferred possession while reaching the straps between the legs right next to the genitals having each leg restrained, tied down over lapping each other forcing the pelvis to counter curve against the torso while the steel but plug is digging him self in even deeper. One hand arm and wrist is being tied up by this point allowing me to pull the remaining head anchoring strap up underneath my jaw clutching down onto the breathing tube that's embedded inside my throat kept in place as my mouth is filled with dried dental mold. Pulling the head strap up to lift my neck up from the mounting beam.

The neck \ throat anchor is added, a strap that's coiled around my neck each end of the strap is locked onto the opposite side of the bag creating not just an pull down anchor but also an crushing strangulation effect tightening with each movement being relayed from any given body part after the first inner seal is sealed shut. Finally the last strap that is pushed into a hook catching the air tight seal zip is linked and an motor starts up inside the inner bag, pulling a cable from the outside of the bag, sealing the inner bag shut while tightening the remaining wrist and arm straps.

If i removed the deadlock stopper on the outside of the inner bag the motor would pull the inner bags lock all the way in till it crushes a tube with metal weld, as the inner seal is being pulled up the outer seal is being pulled down closing the space between the two bags leaving a vacuum between them that's been filled when the outer zip is pulled into his own lock box and disperse a full load of airtight waterproof expanding foam pushing the inner bag against a fast releasing tube to inflate the outer bag while filling it with an extremely flammable self igniting gel that encase the entire aria. As the outer bag is designed and equipped with the intention to keep temperatures inside and fire retardant while the inner bag is not.

Being sealed locked and encased inside a body bag that would eventually turn into an solid object if being tampered with from the outside each time the expanding foam pressies even more down on the breathing tube restricting the air that's being delivered directly into my lungs while the strangulation strap tightens there's no viable indication on the outside of the bag.
Eventually the bag run's out of tension and the outer zip is released pulling back open and counter act's on the airtight seal from the inside, reversing the wrist strap to reach out for a pair of cable cutters.

If not then that bag would tighten more and more till the point of enough tension is reached to complete an electrical connection that would deliver continuous power surges up into my as through the steel plug and into my genitals. This would activate the inflating process of the inner bag as foam is filled up directly onto my body crushing the acid that's been compressed inside a can releasing it as an gas dissolving the dental mold into an thick liquid while the filling up foam drains any exposed moisture. several minutes later the amount of tension is so much from the electrical punishment that's being transformed into one discharging torturing session heating up inside to the point of igniting the gel in the outer layer.

From the outside there's just this nice looking bag neatly placed next to the wall, while the ends of the bag is decorated what looks like bolts, actually being bolted down with. The outer bag's zip opening is facing the back side of the wall and it's dark rubber leather texture makes it tempting to sit on while unknowing to the one taking a seat on it i would be getting terminated permanently inside under him and only hours later would the solidified cooled down rubber textured continence being exposed should the bag have access to a bit more power to unlock it.

Now this would be my own doing and honestly i would do anything to experience sessions like this without the termination over and over while the other option would be having the entire bag rigged and digitized, connected to the internet that's linked to an custom written software being control by the other individual unknowing who you are besides the gender and the goal of the bondage session either being for training, expanding limitations, punishment or general isolation. Giving the Master full control over air flow, genital exposure to voltage, aggressive acting on movement implementing continuous suffocation sessions in a row and resetting of session time frame without notifying the enslaved object.

The object (me) would prepare himself with one exception a small relay switch in his hand, this switch would activate the remote indication of being in place only when all metal connection points is closed forming a close current.

Prior to providing the Master \ User with login information the sub\slave would tick several question boxed being relevant to the individual getting bagged. Questions like Current location being secured, internet connection reliable if not software can take up to thirty six hours to rest. Should the software record the location and IP of the end user. Distributing login information randomly online to relevant party's. can limitations be violated and for how long before re implementing it (deliberately allowing a user to close off all means of air tightening the strangulation strap to act as an full wight noose at any random time should one user ignore this option it would automatically be resent randomly else were till reaching a random number of attempts of near death attempts. finally that every dissension choice and action is being done willingly while being of clear mind and sane health. Agreeing to it by ticking the final box saying re-implantation of session can be activated randomly and termination of any given session can be done by pressing the switch in hand.

Fine print. Termination switch activates full termination of sub internet assess being locked out and all communication methods terminated. The ten minutes stop and rescue time frame being rejected as the outer bag is immediately ignited the inner bag is getting it's foam dissolved while the liquid form of it being melted into the naked restrained body the anal plug delivering an sudden discharge of power to knock me out long enough for the melted foam to solidify with the meted rubber on it.
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