The test

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The test

Unread postby slpnot » Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:33 am

Oh my head what a hangover . I am trying to remember what I did last night.i went to a bar and had a few drinks played some pool . everything is fuzzy after that . I remember playing a women with her owns que . Not much after that . In fact it feels like I have had sex just recently you know that runny feeling . I smile and stretch thinking that I am going to have a great day... But wait as a chain has snubbed me from a full strech . A wave of fear washes over me . I find that I am locked to the bed frame with a 6foot length of chain that is locked to my iron collar . Oh no what happened ? I test the security of my situation knowing it is futile . Thinking that I did this I started to look for the key . Starting to get desperate I try to pull on the chain with all my might . Getting frustrated i give up . I know I am not going anywhere without the key.. I started to feel hopeless . As I ponder my situation l hear my phone ringing . I tear at my sheets looking for the phone and finding it. Answering with caution . A woman's voice is asking how I am doing ? Saying fine asking who is this ? It's Myranda don't you remember? I met you last night at the bar . we played some pool and drunk too much . I was wasted anyway you told me you made a iron collar and wanted to test it out . So are you still locked to the bed ? Saying yes and where's the key ? She laughed sad said in my pocket . I think this was a good test and will unlock you when I get home from work maybe and hung up on me
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Re: The test

Unread postby RAE123 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 9:52 pm

Maybe you should hide a spare key, or use an combo lock.
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