Bondage Session with a Dominatrix

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Re: Bondage Session with a Dominatrix

Unread postby Stahlketten » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:08 am

LoverOnFire wrote:.....
Now the slave needs to be punished for not loving you enough and coming under your control, use a belt ,whip or whips and Whip the slave on the back,ass, legs and do a round of 20 for starters then stop . Now you sure as hell have the attention of the slave! Command the slave to obey you and submit to only you. Make the slave want only you ! Turn him red in color deep marks from whip is not necessary unless severe pain is wanted by slave.
Now a good Blow job or oral sex is preformed on him or her . Lightly hickie his end of the penis to make it sensitive and he will moan . Stroke it till he comes violently ! Do what needs to be done but, do it well !
Now for additional pain use vise grips on his penis skin he will howl in pain use 3 of them and let them hang lol . Then push needles into his penis he will howl believe me .
Back to the whipping again another 20 rounds scattered over the back of the body .
Now get the slave to shake his head up and down for yes and back and forth for no. Ask him do you love me ? if he answers slowly speed him up with whip lol he is your play time ! Make him obey !
With thighs tied tightly , knees tied tightly and feet tied to a spreader bar can be homemade just think of the fun you can have . Now place penis up in the air to waist get it out of the way cause your gonna ball slap him and make him groan believe me he will ! Now for further pain place needle under toe nails and push in . He will make load sound lol . Now back to whipping him another 20 rounds . He is starting to get tenderized and much willing to obey you lol .
Now work on him to make him come again under all that pain lol
Leave him tied dominated and helpless and he lost control he will never forget it .
I love this feeling of tied to ceiling and dominated while my female partner comes like crazy as she explores herself and the slave has changed to obey - the feeling of THE CONTROL and Domination is something else ! Hope you all like this believe me if you like Bondage and BDSM this is the ultimate way to go ! LoverOnFire

Torturing a person is not difficult. As far as I am concerned, the ideas presented here go way beyond sexual play.
A few light bruises and welts are not bad, but intentionally causing injury violates the "Safe, and Sane" requirements.
I can't imagine doing this to a lady who has willingly given me her body to "torture" in BDSM games.
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Re: Bondage Session with a Dominatrix

Unread postby joeinvestor » Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:49 am

I'll admit I have done a session with a Dominatrix in my younger days. It was incredible and I enjoyed it so well, I got a phone call from her a few weeks later asking if I would be interested in becoming her submissive at a farm she and her girlfriend just purchased. The offer was tempting, but I declined as I was dating someone at the time.

My session consisted of wearing wrist and ankle cuffs, forced to wear a maids uniform and clean her apartment bathroom. Ya I know, not very sexy. But as a reward, she led me into a bedroom that had a homemade frame out of electrical conduit such that she could restrain a sub in any manner she desired. It looked rickety but held up well.

She ordered me to put my hands up in the air and she locked the wrist cuffs to the upper bar of the frame. My ankle cuffs were locked to the lower framework. Once she was confident I was secure and couldn't get free, she picked up various spanking implements and slowly administered spanks/slaps/whacks to my bottom. I took 100 strikes to my bottom and I was ready to cum. At this point she grabbed my cheek and pulled my face close to hers and asked me if I wanted 100 more. I will admit I was tempted but I declined her offer. The last order of business was she ordered me climax while she worked my bottom over with her cat. She released one of my wrists and ordered me to masturbate to completion which took no effort at all as I was ready to climax a lot earlier.

At the end of the session after I dressed, she kissed my on the cheek and we said our goodbyes. It was a great experience that i still reminisce about.

Now if only I could get my wife to play like that. ;)
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Re: Bondage Session with a Dominatrix

Unread postby Anwendungsfehler » Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:15 am

BondageLover88 wrote:Anyone have any experience with a Dominatrix or booked a bondage session with a Dom. Don't leave details out would you recommend a session with a Dom is it worth it. Who was the dominatrix? I have never been with a Dominatrix I want to. Thank you for the responses

Have you seen Elise over at ? She would be my 1st choice if I were a single and travelling wouldn't be restricted due to corona ... She is such a cutie <3
Her video page -

Along such opportunities, there are clubs like (switch the language at the bottom of the page) where you can get a strict bondage :)


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Re: Bondage Session with a Dominatrix

Unread postby Natyropes » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:53 pm

Maybe you could check in Fetlife. You'll probably find a domina there. ;)
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Re: Bondage Session with a Dominatrix

Unread postby Natyropes » Thu Jul 30, 2020 8:55 pm

I would like too much being dominated by her :gag:
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