In bed with the devil

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In bed with the devil

Unread postby passioncraftstore » Mon Nov 16, 2020 6:21 pm

The boy was sitting on the floor in his room, clutching a silent doll.

Among other toys, this one was his favorite. He loved to play with her: combing, dressing up, driving a knife over her pretty face and lips, sticking needles into her, putting on clothespins, choking, sniffing, biting. Realize all your secret desires while no one sees, not even a doll. The boy carefully blindfolded her, took off her panties and stuffed it into her mouth so that she would not make a sound. He took out a red rope and tied her hands behind her back - so she looked even more helpless and more attractive to him.

This time he came up with something new. Putting the doll on all fours, tying the end of the rope to the hook in the ceiling, the boy fixed her ankles in the spacer: wider and wider, admiring the view. "Great! Now let's see how my doll looks from the inside ..."

I am not afraid of anything. Relaxed and sane, I live many lives and several deaths. And every time in a different way. Floggers bdsm, a predatory look and a feeling of inevitability are a round-trip ticket and an "all inclusive" ticket to the other world.

I trust infinitely, but there beyond the fears and thoughts "What if?" What if everything is real? When he drives a knife along the neck and face, along the labia - "what if 'it really cuts" ... When he removes the film - what if he rips off my skin. When he strangles - and suddenly 'strangles ... When he takes his hand out of the vagina - suddenly' along with the insides. Clips from the nipples knocks - suddenly 'along with the nipples? And even when he binds, suddenly he will never untie. I see it all from the side in tears, in blood. All this is both frightening and attractive. And insanely exciting ...

But hugs and kisses after - this is the height of happiness and bliss.

I say: "Thank you. I liked it," and I think: "Thank you for giving me so many emotions. Without murdered me."
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