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RE: vac bag help wanted

Unread postby wrapanpackedguy » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:00 am

I have been experimenting with plastic garbage bags and vacuums and i love the feeling of it sucked to my skin. Right now i have found that i can attach too 55 gallon hefty bags together with duct tape and get a seal that works well and then i cut one end open and insert a sleeping bag. by pushing the hose nozzle through the bag and creating a tape seal around it i can then put it into the sleeping bag. the sleeping bag does the same thing as pvc with holes drilled in it but with out the drilling and rigidity. My two big problems are getting the bag to close before the sweeper is on so that my hands arent holding it closed ( when they are it makes it to easy to get out and they cant be elsewhere like my attention yearning balls.) and i want more rigidity, can this only be done by using pvc piping? and if it can then how wide does it have to be to avoid breaking it?
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