ok now what?

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RE: ok now what?

Unread postby lordbrad » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:03 am

Ok we were playing last night and I was teasing my sub and forcing her to suck me. I did have an agenda in mind as we are new to this and not very heavy into being to strict, but I was trying to be more force full. She didn't use her manners ,well that's a spanking and now I've got her telling me her thought and telling how she like what her master is doing. [( she hasn't opened up to anyone bout her sexuality, but is starting to now. :)]. things were going good and she was being a bitch last night. So she needs to learn to take me in deep, and do quite well I might add, we are having so much fun and the orgasm are out of this world, I can touch her just about anywhere and she will explode like I have never had any woman do before, I was always complemented on my skill- more than likely lies I would suppose. Any way we were having a great time I was having start to do a strip tease for her Master  and she was so hot I was making her wait for me to play with her pussy, she couldn't keep her hands off- more spanking getting harder nowTongue.  When all of a sudden she starts to laugh....what the F...ok  got her on her knees and made her Dt me, she getting better at it.  Had to do this several times to her....Suck I wanted to play with her pussy but we aint giving you that now!!! no pleasure so I tittied F'd her...We both did cum and me lots, which is great but now what?  Is this all over.. did I do something wrong? She said she loves what we are doing but thinks in kind of funny me being her Master... She's had he dream for so long is great detail, she has that desire for a stranger to take her, I made her do resource on it last night and she is starting to understand herself but wants me buy her fantasy seems to be taking over to an extent. But she wants to stay with me,doesn't want to trow a 10 year marriage away, thank goodness I don't either. So now what do I do, i feel kind of like I can't please her and I wasted a ton of time, plus being new to this as we both are I feel like my ego is hurt as I thought I was doing good, she said so too.    Sorry for being way to long but I and her want this to work out..... one Dom frustrated here......this year suck big time such a roller coaster ride.
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