FIrst real bondage session!

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RE: FIrst real bondage session!

Unread postby Ironic_Bondage_Name » Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:00 am

So, as the topic title suggests, I had my first real bondage session today!
So did my girlfriend! 

It started off with me handcuffing her.  I proceeded to tease her and play with her as best as I could, and I'm very certain that she really enjoyed it!  I was using a little vibrator to tease her, rubbing it against her and then taking it away again.  I asked her if she wanted to take the bondage further and she said yes and I used our velcro cuffs to fasten her ankles together.  I then used a belt to secure the handcuffs to the ankle cuffs, effectively hogtying her. 

*gratuitous sex scene*

She then asked me to take the cuffs off and she released her legs.  She asked if I was tired out, which I was far too excited to be!  Saying she wanted me to have a taste of my own medicine, she asked if she could put the cuffs on me.  Before long, I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back and she was starting on my ankles.  Next, she grabbed my belt and started to hogtie me the way I hogtied her.  Laughing, she started teasing me with her hands before leaning over me and grabbing the vibrator.  She began to hold it against the head of my totem pole before starting to stroke it fast and hard.  Needless to say, she quickly pulled away when I told her I was about to cum.  This happened a few times before she gave me the best handjob of my life!

It was a great time!
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