When was you last tied up?

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Re: When was you last tied up?

Unread postby cthdcthd » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:21 am

A few weeks ago with some superhero fantasy roleplay.

I was Robin the Boy Wonder, and my wife was a college cheerleader who also worked for Catwoman and somehow captured me. The scenario started when I woke up tied down in a simple spread eagle on a bed, and my wife was in her cheerleader outfit feeling me up and down my legs. Her hand softly slid back and forth over my tights before working her way over my inner thighs and then to the bulge in my batbriefs. I protested her touching me there without my permission and threatened she won’t get away with this, but she replied I belonged to her now. And besides, she said my enlarged batbulge gave away I was actually enjoying this. She continued groping me all over my body for quite some time interspersed with many other displays of desire, but she always returned to the bulge that my spandex tights and briefs were straining to contain. She made remarks throughout the whole time like how sexy I was in my cape and tight outfit and how much she wanted me. Although I continued protesting her violating me, my enthralled body couldn't hide how much I was being overcome with pleasure.

The next phase of this session began when she unbuckled my utility belt, peeled down my briefs and tights, and continued having her way with me deeper into the night.
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