weights attached to balls.

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

weights attached to balls.

Unread postby Lockedup737 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:25 pm

I am not sure if anyone has tried this but I have had success with it. First thing I do is put the keys to my handcuffs upstairs on the top of a tall dresser so the only way to get them is to drag a chair from another room and stand on it to reach the keys with my mouth. sounds easy? right? not really.

After the keys are placed, I go downstairs and start. For thing I do is tie a cable around my balls. I do not tie it so tight as to cut off circulation but tight enough so the cable can't slip off. It is kind of a balancing act between the two but it IS possible. Next I attach the other end of the cable to two of those old cast iron irons that they used a long time ago. I make sure the length is just short enough so I can't stand straight without picking up the weights with my balls. It is possible to pick them up but it stretches my nut sack out considerably and will cause pain after a while.

The next thing I do is put the hand cuffs on with my hands behind my back. Now I am trapped until I can get the keys upstairs. I waddle and drag the irons across the house to the stairs. Here is the difficult and painful part. I have to pull the weights up the stairs by my nuts...one step at a time. I have to rest every few steps for obvious reasons. Finally I get upstairs and drag the weights to the room where the chair is and begin to pull it into the room with the dresser and keys. I get the chair just right and take a big breath.

I climb up onto the chair pulling the weights with me. By now it starts to get painful as my nut sack is stretched out a lot. As quick as I can, I pull the keys off the dresser with my mouth and let them drop to the floor. I SLOWLY get down and wiggle around and finally unlock myself.

If anyone has any other ideas with this scenario, let me know. I have been trying to think of other ways to do this.

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