Self bondage with Humane Restraint Leather Muff

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Self bondage with Humane Restraint Leather Muff

Unread postby restrained » Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:26 am

I've had this thing for ages and I met a lady who was pretty kinky and loved to "trap" me into this very well designed (evil) restraint. She and I parted ways some time ago and it just sat idle.

One day, I pulled out the locking belt and tried to figure out a way how I could lock (or at least make sure the locking pin part) could stay secure without actually locking it.)

After trying somethings, I discovered that a small elastic taped to the "flip part" of the locking mechanism could hold it down and as I pulled the belt through, it would lift and then fall into any of the holes on the belt.

The next step was to figure out how to get the muff threaded by the belt. There are 3 square D rings on the muff so what I did was to kneel at a chair, with the muff on the chair. Strap my wrists into the cuffs and then grabbed the end of the belt with my teeth and then feed it into each of the d rings. Whoa! It worked!! Next step was to get the end of the belt into the locking mechanism. Don't use too tight an elastic as you might be able to push it through. After a bit of fiddling I got it in!! Then slowly advanced it. "click" first hole caught, click next one etc. At the fourth hole, I stopped and then had to figure out how to get it on my torso and then tighten it even more.

Getting it on me was quite simple, sit on the edge of the chair and one foot at a time I put it in the partially enclosed belt. Stand up and pull up the belt and muff to waist level.

Ok, this is working!! Now to tighten! Because I had pulled the belt to the fourth hole, this gave me about 5 inches of belt that was past the locking mechanism. Hands were cuffed and muffed, no way to pull the belt - hmmm how am I going to tighten this.

Ding! I went to the bathroom and was able to put the over hang into the door frame, and then push the door to "pinch" the over hang. Next step was to tighten. Using my heel of my foot, I held the door closed and leaned my body away from the door frame. Sure enough the locking pin crept up to the next hole and the next and the next. For the last stretch, I sucked in my gut and gave a good pull. I then pulled my heel clear of the door and then simply moved away from the door and it opened and the I now had about 12 inches of slack belt. Took a quick look in the mirror and quickly realized I was very "stuck". But so what, I'll enjoy this for a bit and then try to figure out how to get out.

Welll that proved to be a bit more difficult. Putting the left over belt back into the door frame and closing the door only made pulling on the belt tighten and every time I gave it slack, that pesky elastic would just put the locking pin right back into the hole. Uh oh. I tried to pull my hands free from the cuffs but that just was not happening. Stuck still, I went to my chair and watched whatever was on tv as I could not change the channel. In this predicament, it started to dawn on me that I was in a serious situation. A bit of panic, but I play hard so I was able to calm down.

Anyhow, I discovered a flaw and was able to escape. It was annoying and took some time, but I was able to get out. Not sure if I should tell you though. If you are in the same predicament, you will eventually figure it out :)
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Re: Self bondage with Humane Restraint Leather Muff

Unread postby SubClaire » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:03 am

That sound's like it was fun and a bit scary, I once got myself locked into a sort of spread eagle position I had put on numerous pairs of panties and fastened a back massager in place and I didn't get off at all it did numb my legs because it had slipped to the side a bit so it wasn't too fun I had my hand handcuffed on one side of my bed then my other hand in rope on the other side of the bed, I had it where I was spread eagle sideways so my feet were touching the floor. I eventually got out after about 4-5 Hours with a broken metal broom handle by cutting the rope with one hand more difficult than it sounds but before I found that broken handle with my foot and tossed it onto the bed I had prayed to anyone and everyone to let me out so I wouldn't be found by my parents and I vowed to never do bondage again. Well as you can see that promise didn't keep me away from self bondage.

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