Self Bondage Bed

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Self Bondage Bed

Unread postby twistedkinking » Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:11 am

Hello everyone,

We recently finished a project that we thought might interest this community. Please note that finish is a relative term : the project is functionnal enough to be used but, of course, it will most likely continue to be improved, as is the case with most DIY projects.

That being said, here it is:

We wanted a bondage platform that would cost very little, be invisible to the vanilla eye and, most importantly, be extremely restrictive. On top of these requirements, we wanted the platform to be properly suited for self-bondage by integrating a means to eliminate fumbling with keys and locks for both the setup and the release. Good news is that we succeeded!

Essentially, we've converted a very cheap Ikea bed into a bondage bed by changing the base from cheap slates to sheets of MDF through which runs a total of 13 straps strategically placed to immobilize the body. The wrist straps are connected via electromagets which are hidden under the bed. Putting the electromagnets on a set of timers provides a safe and reliable means of release after a predetermined amount of time.

Best of all, cleaning up is easy. It's just a matter of throwing the mattress back on and the bedroom looks normal again.

The total cost of this project, including electromagnets, timers and, of course, the costly MDF, is less than 150CAD and the set of tools required is limited. The only tool you don't already have is a router, which can be cheaply rented from your local hardware store.

Bellow are a few pictures of the project. For more details on the construction of the bed, simply follow this link for details on the bed and this link for details on the self-bondage aspect of it.


Links to the project page:
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