Selfbondage timer/lock for sleeping bag

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Selfbondage timer/lock for sleeping bag

Unread postby Area51 » Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:16 am

Alright so I have a sleeping bag that has multiple zips on the front that allow you to have a certain spot open, or in my case you can tie the two pulls together, and then you are stuck inside. Sorta like this sort of zipper arrangement:

What I am looking to create is some type of system that allows me to climb inside the sleeping bag, then zip it shut, and put some sort of hook or magnet that holds the two zipper pulls together for a specified period of time. I am thinking a small electromagnet system would be best for this. It could be powered from a small battery, so if the system fails then I'll be released once the battery runs out.

I'm thinking this could be done with an arduino (or some other small microcontroller), along with a relay. This would all be encased in a small case (probs 3d printed), and you could even add wireless communication that would be hooked to a "base station" that would have a smoke detector, and some other failsafe sensors to release you in emergency.
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Re: Selfbondage timer/lock for sleeping bag

Unread postby datadutch » Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:58 pm

how about lacing it shut like a corset?

one end of the lace is held by an electromagnet from the start (this is your release method)
The other end is tightened by a ratchet (this is your trap method)
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Re: Selfbondage timer/lock for sleeping bag

Unread postby SergioUK » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:01 pm

Let's assume that the zip pulls can be joined by a small padlock that you can reach from the inside. Let's also assume that at the top of your bed there are bars or a frame or something to which you can attach one end of a light chain (like traditional toilet flush chain - just strong enough that you can't break it with your hands). The chain should be long enough that it can reach the other end of the bed with some slack. Attach the padlock key securely to one end of the chain and I mean securely - nut, bolt and washers for instance - it's essential that it can't come apart if you pull on the chain. Place this into a plastic container, ideally one with a handle or tapered waist so it can easily be attached to a leg of the bed, fill with water and freeze. (You'll want to do some experimenting beforehand to get the right quantity of water for the duration of captivity that you desire.)

Now attach the free end of the chain to the top of the bed and secure the frozen container to a leg at the other end (with a cable tie or Velcro strap for instance). Get into the sleeping bag, zip it to the top and loop the padlock through one zip pull, then through a link in the chain and finally the other zip pull before snapping it closed. You're now trapped until the water thaws and you can draw the chain up to reach the key and open the padlock.

If you're technically capable and prefer more precise timing you could use an electromagnetic door holder to secure the far end of the chain instead of the plastic bottle. As ever, if relying on a timeswitch use a mechanical one plugged into a digital one. Set the digital one for the time you want to be released and the mechanical one for a short while longer, just so that if one fails or you messed up setting it, the other will still free you.

For safety take a retractable knife into the bag with you, so if anything goes wrong with the release mechanism or there's a fire or other emergency you can cut your way out, at the cost of the bag of course.
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