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Strappado: the Safe and Simple way

Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:38 am
by FatherOfFour
I cannot compete in Heavy league (suspension, mummification, etc.) but I've evolved somehow in the last half year, although my burning questions remained unanswered... (see

So I've started to do some strappados, and got to refine them to the following recipe
(more than a dozen scenes already done...)

What You need:
- one ratchet (<10USD), from DIY shop or even gas-station
- one turnbuckle (Or Your release mechanism of choice) (<3USD)
- a few metal rings or small carabiners (<1USD)
- a few quick release zip-ties (<2USD/100pcs)
- rope and eventually some wide straps
Materials needed

You could also add the pain-inducing devices of Your choice (nipple clamps, cbt, chastity, plugs,...)

Once You have it all, start by finding a room with a lockable door - any room door that closes from Your side like bathroom
(You don't want the door to open with You hangin' on)
Scene setup (mock-up on a MDF board)

- Almost close the door, thread the ratchet strap thru the slit, measure the distance from the top of the door, and tie a simple knot (the distance is to the lowest point of the strappado, from there You only go up)
- pass it over the door, and when closed, test the strength...
- with a couple feet(<2m) of strap or rope, link two metal rings and pass it thru the lower (one inch/3cm) side of the door
- Closing the door, You are now inside and there are three points of attachment on the door
- tie Your ankles, thread the rope thru rings and the ratchet hook
- Leave roughly the same length between ankle tie and rings as You suppose to be able to raise Your hands
- tie Your hands (I use quick release zip-ties) at the back, raise them to the ratchet and hook them on the turnbuckle
- The turnbuckle and carabiners will provide enough length to handle the ratchet
- when ready start pulling up (and being dragged back to the door...)
I'm here to answer any question, but it's dead-simple!

I also use two one-pint (1/2l) water bottles linked to nipple clamps... They create the pain I strive for...

Have fun! Repeatedly,