I tried and failed.

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

I tried and failed.

Unread postby restricted » Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:15 am

My wife in hospital I was at a loss last night. So I thought. Aha! Time for a little tie myself up practice. I put on a skirt and was hoping to think I was the damsel in distress. I wanted to go to sleep and wake up cold and unable to think about how I got there.

Sadly things happened which spoiled it.
I carefully threaded some rope through the bars at the bottom of the bed and managed to loop it around my ankles so they were well spread. So far so good.

Then I made a loop for one wrist and wound the rope around the bars at the top of the bed. I wound it around my wrist so it would be easy to escape except I wanted to go to sleep. All was going well. Firstly, I needed to use the toilet. Back to fastening myself up again. Then the dreaded itch. So that had to be scratched. Okay that was over and done with. Once more wrapped the rope around my wrist to realise I still had to turn the light off. Having done that, back to wrapping the rope again. Plus this time I had made a loop to go over the top of the bars to hold me tight.

But we have problems at home. serious problems and I was hoping that this would help me relax. Did it hell. I could not sleep thinking about the problems. I managed an hour in the end, but only after I had heard a noise and had to get up to investigate. I never did find out what it was in our back garden.

I'll try again tonight. This time chaining myself to the bed.
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Re: I tried and failed.

Unread postby Petrajane » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:55 pm

You can't release yourself for an itch! Suffer! That's the point of being bound, you tie yourself up and have to wait for the release, put up with an itch, or a runny nose... :gag:
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