An adventure with rope bondage.

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

An adventure with rope bondage.

Unread postby Jimdini » Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:01 pm

Just had a great session. :) My friend offered to come and release me on their way to MacDonalds (other fast food outlets available) around 1900.

I started my session around 1730. Bound ankles and knees together, strapped on a ballgag then put in ear plugs and a blindfold, tied rope around chest and arms. Now with my heart racing and the blood pounding in my ears I sat down to take the last irrevocable step, securing my wrists behind my back. I put my right wrist into my pre-tied rope coil,checked the zip tie was in position and worked my left wrist into the coil. Last chance to back out, deep breath and I tightened the zip tie - that was it bound gagged, blind and with my hearing very limited, I was helpless! 8-)

I struggled to check my bonds were really escape proof, just got sore wrist and ankles and worked up a sweat. I had made a good job of binding myself ;) . As I had applied a pretty good degree of sensory deprivation I had no way of tracking time. I was getting uncomfortable just sitting so I decided to try standing, this proved rather frightening as I struggled to my feet I felt very unstable and had I not had the sofa against my legs, I might have fallen. :shock:

Once my heart rate had drooped back nearer to normal I decided to shuffle toward the stool where I had left the EMT shears for my friend to free me.This seemed to be going rather well as I could take little movements forward with each foot. After what seemed a couple of minutes, but could have been longer or shorter, I bumped into a piece of upholstered furniture. :o

Now this was worrying the stool I was trying for was no where near the upholstered furniture, had I gone off line or worse gone in a circle? :?: Now I started to sweat again, this time out of fear. I was totally disorientated. I tried turning round to use my hands to feel which bit of furniture I had bumped into, but lost contact and started swaying, I stood stock still. :? Now I was getting frightened, dare I risk moving around with the risk of bumping in to something that might upset my balance, falling bound like this would be catastrophic. :shock:

By now I was getting really worried and sweat was pouring off me. I tested my wrist ropes again but there was no give, I was securely bound. My doors and windows were closed and I knew from experience that the ball gag was very effective at muffling noise and made speech unintelligible, so calling out for help was unlikely to attract any attention. :gag: Although I had left my TV on the earplugs made the voices unintelligible, so I had no way of knowing what the time was. :roll:

I knew my friend was coming to release me but I didn't know how long I had been bound, it felt like hours, I was getting really worried, should I try moving again and try to get to the stool with the EMT shears. I started to tentatively shuffle forward again. Suddenly a hand on my shoulder made me jump. :o My friend had arrived and they quickly removed the gag and blindfold. As we removed the rest of my bondage I looked at the clock. I had been bound for just over an hour! :!: My friend checked I was OK and departed. The ear plugs and blindfold really made this session an adventure. :D I shall certainly consider adding these to my sessions again :mrgreen:
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