Hotel self-bondage session

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

Hotel self-bondage session

Unread postby aardvark1 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:05 am

Just had a mini-break in a hotel with a bagful of toys and clothing - here's what happened in the most enjoyable of the evenings. It's not exactly the most extreme play you'll come across, but it worked for me - enjoy!

The bedroom was standard enough, nothing fancy. Luckily the TV had a USB socket so I was able to put a stick in and play Femdom video clips.

Before getting too excited, I make sure the chastity cage is locked on! Leaving the key in the padlock with an inviting tag attached to it - leaving no doubts to whoever may burst into the room. And to that end I put a piece of cardboard in the door so it doesn't snib shut, now anyone who pushes from the corridor could walk straight in.

The plan is to use leather cuffs for each of my wrists and ankles. Ankle ones buckle with a hole in the prong which can be padlocked, the wrist ones have a post that goes through one of three eyelets and a padlock can then go through that to hold it in place. Maybe it's just me but I can't contort my hand enough to be able to insert and turn the key when it's locked like that.

I have 4 2m lengths of rope which are ideal for a cuff-assisted spread-eagle, and with a running bowline tied to one end of each they can be easily added/removed from bed legs. By laying out on the bed I get the ideal cuff positions, and securely tie the other end of each rope to the cuffs - minus a few inches to remove any additional slack for good measure.

Clothing next - I start by attaching a pair of breast forms. Only C, nothing outlandish (I am considering larger though, more doll-like than real), then a white silky leotard body with sleeves. Next my favourite red satin&black lace bra+suspender belt set, topped off with a pair of fishnet stockings, seam up the back of course. That look wouldn't be complete without a pair of mid-calf black patent platform boots with a 5" heel. And a black/white maid's dress.

Bit more of the bondage side now - a lace-up leather hood with eye and mouth holes. Tightened up it's restrictive but still comfortable. And finally a head-harness dildo gag, one with a small 2" cock on the inside and a 5" one on the outside. This can be padlocked on, but no immediate need for that since wrists will be otherwise engaged. Long white satin gloves now make sure the keys are that little bit harder to manipulate.

Now to business. Sitting on the end of the bed I buckle/padlock the cuffs round my ankles, making sure they're tight but comfortable. Next scooting backwards to take up the slack, I go as far up the bed as I can. This pulls the legs apart, starting to give a sense of the restriction.

Wrists are a little tricky to get secure yet safe, method I opt for is for one hand to padlock the other then partially tightens the other cuff (middle hole out of the three rather than the tightest one) with the padlock hasp sitting through it but not locked closed. Like that there's just enough space to wriggle a hand into the cuff, but the shape of the hand means it can't easily pull back out again.

Satisfied I lay back and test the bonds, making sure I can't get out. The TV works its magic, playing clips of femdom teasing, spread-eagles, strapons, armbinders, ah bliss! After about 40 mins my shoulders are starting to ache so I twist/flick my wrist to let the open padlock fall from the cuff. From then it's just a case of unlocking the other wrist and sliding back down the bed.

So far so good, but the armbinder clips have really got me in the mood. I untie the ankle cuffs from the ropes and clip them together with a chain. Not so short as to hobble me, but enough to get a distinctive rattle when I walk.

Before going any further I switch the TV to run a slideshow of chastity/sissy caption images. With each one being a scenario in itself it can keep you occupied for hours!

Then the final piece of the puzzle, a faux leather armbinder with shoulders, a zip up the back and 3 buckling straps. I've used this for self-bondage before and with the straps at just the right position it's possible to wriggle in (a pleasing motion, similar to the arms of breast-stroke - dive through then bring your arms back). Put one hand all the way down and the binder over that shoulder using the other hand. Now slide that hand into the binder, and use the first hand to nudge the binder over the second shoulder. This can take a while but the feeling when it slides into place is fantastic.
Now the magic - by having the middle of a piece of string tied to the tab of the zip (with one end free and the other hanging down inside the 3 buckling straps) I can swing the loose end over one shoulder and crouch down. Trapping the string under one foot and bending over as I stand up, the string is pulled and the zip rises up the binder, securing my arms. I shiver in delight as I totter over to the TV and struggle away.

Looking around after a few minutes I realise that I've left the curtain open and that it's now gone dark outside! Anyone looking in would see exactly what I was up to, and with the door unlocked I'd be helpless if they came in. There was a net curtain, but with it dark outside and lights on inside it'd just as well not be there. That wasn't intentional but certainly did add an additional buzz to proceedings. I kneel down in front of the TV and struggle away, enjoying every minute of it.

By now it was around 6pm, and other guests were coming and going - every click or slam of a door made me jump, but not by enough to stop. From past evenings I knew that staff would stand outside by the back door (presumably to smoke) directly across the courtyard, so I kept one eye on the outside light as I moaned, struggled and strained. I would get up and walk the length of the room from window to door and back until my feet started to hurt, all the time the chain rattling - and probably audible from outside. I alternated from kneeling, walking, on the bed, never really tiring of the restraint, and certainly not of the slideshow.

Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted that the outside light was on! My heart skips a few beats as I freeze wondering if anyone is watching. The switched light turns off but the automatic one stays lit - am I OK? Has whoever it was just gone straight back inside, or are they standing there with the light off so I won't see them? I give it more of a struggle in the hope that the watcher takes an interest, but after half an hour nothing happened.

By now my shoulders are feeling a little stiff, and unexpectedly my core stomach muscles are starting to hurt. I crouch down, trapping the 'release' string of the armbinder's zip below my boot and stand up, unzipping the back. I wriggle my arms out and remove the binder, having thoroughly enjoyed myself. I check my watch to see 9pm and am amazed to find I'd had the binder on for 4 hours, which would explain the stomach muscles - almost like 4h in the gym doing crunches.

Biggest disappointment (or was it a relief?) was that nobody came in during that time.

Maybe one day it'll happen, let me know if you'd like to be the intruder!
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