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A nice relaxing few hours.

Unread postPosted: Tue May 29, 2018 3:42 pm
by restricted
Bored out of my mind I decided to have a little session of self bondage.
Firstly IU put on my long satin nightdress. (note to myself. Get a short one or baby doll as it was hot and sticky).
Then I tied some rope to the casters of the bed and made a loop on the other end ends of these for my hands. I used a slip knot that could easily slip undone if required. I never pulled it that tight o one had. Just enough to give the impression I was fastened. From the same casters I added more rope and let them lie there. Rope was tied to the bottom casters and I had left enough rope to make a loop to slip my feet in. I have trouble tying my feet as I find it hard to bend down which means they are never held together tightly.

Adjusting my nightdress so it was pulled down, I slipped my feet into the loop and then pulled my feet up. That pulled the loop tight and held my feet perfectly. Then the rope that I had left lying there I tied tightly over my stomach holding me down as much as I could get it to. Lastly I slipped my hands into the loops I had first made and then I was a prisoner to some girls who were going to get even on the male of the species by raping men. I even envisaged they had told me that later they will tie my hands and feet to the top bed posts bending me in half, then get some gay men in to let them have their way with me while they watch. (After using strap on dildos on me.

Tonight though, I will either make loops for my feet so they are spread-eagled or do the same as today and add rope around my knees and thighs. Hopefully I will go to sleep tightly bound.