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Fun little mini-session

Unread postPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:35 am
by Bound_and_Determined
Last night I was really bored, and decided to go outside. I set my phone down on the outside table in the back yard, walked some distance away, and put my hoodie on backwards. After tying the hood up so I couldn’t see, I spun around a few times. The goal of the game was simple: I had to find the phone before I could see again. The catch? I could only move by crawling around on all fours. Found it after about 15 minutes, boy was that exciting! Have you done anything similar?

Re: Fun little mini-session

Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:51 pm
by RAE123
Y ears ago, my wise would put me in my Strait Jacket, Sensory Deprived hood, and some leg cuffs.
The goal was I had to find her in the house.
Now she would walk away from me, and I did not know where she went.
It was my job to (Bump) into her to get free.
All sh had to do is move a few steps, and I could not find her.
Most of the time, I was trapped for about 5 hours, lots of fun!!!!! :gag:

Re: Fun little mini-session

Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:53 am
by Bound_and_Determined
That sounds like a really good time, if only I had a second

Re: Fun little mini-session

Unread postPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:05 pm
by Jimdini
This morning I decided to have a short bondage session, as I wanted to be able to move around but not to free myself easily, I settled on my waist harness, ankle cuffs and a ball gag. The harness has split crotch straps and a steel handcuff attached at either side so I have to manipulate the key into the cuff locked on the same wrist as my hand (the left side keyhole faces away from my hand so I have to free my right wrist first), so I need to use an extended key. I have lost a little weight, so I managed to tighten the waist belt one hole tighter either side than I have done previously. The ankle cuffs restricted me to a two inch hobble. I planned on a short session so just left the two extended keys dangling within reach in the lounge. I locked myself up at 8.15 planning on releasing after about 15 minutes. Because it was only going to be a short session I used my 50mm silicone ball gag tightened up to the last hole and padlocked making speech impossible. :gag:

Tightening the harness and using the ankle restraints proved to be a mistake. When I came to free myself I found I could barely get the key in the keyhole of my right cuff and it kept falling out before I could turn it! :shock: After about 15 minutes of frustration I decided to look around some help, With my hands pinned at my waist I couldn't reach my landline handset and the gag stopped me using my mouth to pick it up! I went back to trying to get the key into the cuff with the same frustrating result, by 9.45 I was sweating and exhausted. I sat down to consider my options. Because it was raining this morning there was no sign of any neighbours outside, which meant if I accepted the embarrassment of looking for help I would need to leave my house and ring doorbells. :oops: I decided I had better check the door was unlocked anyway so I hobbled to the door, opened it and looked around, still no signs of life, perhaps I should go outside embarrassment or not. This brought my hobbled ankles to my attention, I needed to go down steps to leave my front door, holding the door jamb with my left hand I edge my feet to the top step edge and tried to lower a foot down but could not reach the lower step. This meant I would have to hop down and forward at the same time onto a wet step and paving and as I could not use my hands for balance I decided this was not an option. :roll:

Back indoors I once again tried to free myself. After many attempts I did manage to get the key in the lock but as I adjusted my grip it fell out again. What next? I looked around for my mobile and spotted it on my dining table, but I couldn't reach it with my hands. Leaning forward I managed to scoot it closer with my nose to where I could reach it with my hands. I managed to text my friend for help. Unfortunately it being Sunday he was not monitoring his phone and I got no reply. I waited twenty or so minutes without getting a reply, then considered trying to phone EMS but I knew this gag makes me totally incoherent, I can make noise but not comprehensible words. :gag: :D So back to the only game in town, try to get a key in the lock. Finally at 11.15 I managed to get the key to stay in long enough for me to turn it and free my wrist!

A much longer than planned session, stiff shoulders aching jaw and sore wrists, but 'it isn't real bondage unless you want out.' :mrgreen: Looking back I realise I let my enthusiasm get ahead of my common sense. Because the cuffs are attached permanently to the harness front straps by tightening the waist harness more than previously I had moved my wrists further back over my hips making manipulating the extended key much more difficult. The further back your arms are the less wrist, elbow and shoulder movement you have!