is it still self bondage

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

is it still self bondage

Unread postby dsteve » Wed Dec 25, 2019 10:38 pm

I’ll have a question for you at the end of this but you will just have to wait to hear it.

I’ve been into bondage since I can remember. Even as a pre-teen, before I knew there was such a thing as sex I liked thinking about and playing with rope. So, I have a lot of experience with self bondage.

As I grew I started dating, but, like a lot of you (I suppose) I was too shy to ask for what I wanted. Later, I overcame my shyness and decided life was too short to go without real bondage. Not every woman I confessed to was willing but a few were and I finally found a soul mate. She became my wife and we have had a very rich life since. We both like both roles and take turns being sub and top. We have a lot of roles that we enjoy playing, but I have never lost my interest in self bondage. This is one way that she helps me have a self bondage fantasy in which she participates. I am going to tell the story of one incident.

It is after dinner. We have been playing around, teasing each other. She looks at me sternly and tells me to go and prepare the bed and myself. Knowing what this means, I go to the bedroom and get out our box of toys. I take the leather cuffs and attach the ankle set to the foot posts of the bed. Then the ankle cuffs are attached by threading the chain through eye bolts in the headboard of the bed. The cuffs are wide black leather straps, padded, and with very strong and secure buckles and D-rings. The D-rings are completed with a length of steel chain. I locked the ankle cuff chains to the foot of the bed in a position that I knew from experience that would leave me stretched but not in pain. The wrist cuffs were not yet locked.
Next I laid my hood on the bed. The hood is one of my favorite items. Soft, but very strong black leather, it laces down the back from the top of my head to my neck. There is an integral leather strap collar that buckles over the bottom of the lacing to keep fingers away from the knot and locks with a small padlock. When it is on, I can’t remove it even with free hands. Of course my hands will not be free for long. I also lay out some more toys that she likes to use on me (and that I enjoy having used). These include our vibrator, a flogger and a riding whip. These go on the dresser near the bed.I go to the living room and tell my wife that all is ready as she has commanded.

She stands up and says “show me”. I walk to the bedroom with her following. She looks things over and tells me to get on the bed. I get on the bed and she sits on the chair facing the bed. She tells me to buckle my ankles in the cuffs. As I said, the chains are already locked with just the right link to the eye bolt so that my legs are fully stretched. I get one buckled and then have to strain a bit to get the other. I look over to see that she has picked up the riding whip. She is looking very dominant, holding the whip, flexing it, tapping one palm while holding the base in her other hand. Somewhat frightening but also very hot.

She tosses me my hood and tells me to put it on. I pull it over my face and head. I make sure the breathing holes are correctly positioned and then start pulling the laces. I am feeling the leather settle in over my face with just the right amount of pressure all over. I carefully tie a bow knot at the base of my neck and buckle the collar strap. I rub my face, feeling the leather.

She tells me to buckle the wrist cuffs. I do so. Then, I lay back, feeding the chain through the eye bolts, listening to the links in the chain click as I stretch out, feeding the chain and letting it fall to the floor. I lay there for a moment, waiting. I feel the chain on one arm being tugged and hear the click of a padlock. Then the other arm is pulled taut, and I hear another padlock being snapped on. I tug on my bonds. I can barely move. I feel the padded leather at wrists and ankles. I try to roll, but can only manage a fraction of an inch. I relish the feel of the leather hood, caressing my face.

Then, nothing. She is gone. I know what this is. I will have to wait, for how long, I don’t know. What will be first when she returns; pleasure or pain. My cock gently stroked or my thighs whipped with the crop or the flogger.

So, here is the question: If she ordered me to do all this is it still self bondage? Whatever the answer, I enjoy it.
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Re: is it still self bondage

Unread postby gaby0001 » Wed May 27, 2020 3:14 pm

dsteve wrote:So, here is the question: If she ordered me to do all this is it still self bondage? Whatever the answer, I enjoy it.

Hi, I think answer is no, it is not selfbondage. But that's not important. You enjoyed this and that's only what matters.
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