I got caught in my vacbed

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

I got caught in my vacbed

Unread postby RKOJason03 » Sat Dec 28, 2019 3:59 am

Here is some background before I start. My brother (we'll call him Mark) comes to my house for his lunch pretty often. As well as my other brother, they come for lunch while I am at school. They come at around 12:00 pm, but sometimes Mark will need to stay at work for a bit longer then come to have lunch.

Now onto the story

I was talking to my teacher and started to leave at about 2:20 pm. I got home at around 2:30 pm, and set my stuff down. About 10 minutes later I decided to shorten the width of my vacbed by about 3 inches. It took 5 minutes to do that. I decided I wanted to play with my vacbed. It was now 3:00 pm, and I got out the PVC pipe, the garbage bag, and the vacuum.
I got naked and got everything how I wanted. I grabbed my straw and put it the little hole so I can breathe. I grabbed the vacuum and had as much of the button as I could inside the bag.

Now it was time to start the fun, I vacuumed myself for about 10 minutes and enjoyed all of the sensations. I took a tiny break and then started again. I wanted to feel really stuck this time because I planned to be done in about 5 minutes. After tapping the vacuum button and feeling the sensations again. I let go of the button and a couple seconds after I heard a knock on my door. I knew my secrecy was over and whoever opened the door would know what I was doing.

My brother Mark opened the door and he asked: “Jason, what are you doing?”
“Uhhhhh let me get dressed,” I said. “Are you naked?” Mark asked.
“Ya,” I said. “You’re weird,” Mark said. I then explained what I was doing, and Mark still thought it was weird. I don’t blame him though.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed. I actually want to tell my mom I like to be tied up because she knows that I was vacuuming myself that day. Let me know what you think.
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