CodeLocker v1.0

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CodeLocker v1.0

Unread postby shocktactics1590 » Thu Apr 30, 2020 6:45 pm

Hi all,

Please find below a link to download CodeLocker v1.0 - something I've been working on during quarantine which lets you use a combination padlock without having to try and forget the code! It's done through sequence locking, which is explained in the included USER MANUAL. Very sturdy and reliable - coded in pure Python and standalone. It will also store your encrypted padlock codes between session in case of computer faults (or cheating!) ... sp=sharing

Contents of .zip file:
- CodeLocker.exe (application)
- CodeLocker user manual (pdf)
- 'images' folder containing 1 .gif

CodeLocker will also create 2 new files on use, which are use to handle and store data.

I've found it to be very reliable and a great addition to my toolset - I hope you will too!

Very keen to hear thoughts on this - I'm hoping to continue to add and update in the coming weeks/months.

Play safe and enjoy!

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