DIY: Google Assistant WiFi (Self) Bondage Key Box

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DIY: Google Assistant WiFi (Self) Bondage Key Box

Unread postby lotharj » Sat Jun 13, 2020 5:33 am

Wanted to share my latest project: A Google Assistant Enabled (Self) Bondage Key box

Was using an Igloohome Lock Box for a while, but found the interface to be too cumbersome, the lock would stick at times, and couldnt trigger unlocks easily on a recurring basis. I searched around for a better solution and really couldnt find anything suited to the task, so I built my own. Im happy to share all details/code if asked but for now just quickly an overview.

A simple wooden box to keep keys in, that can be either unlocked based on a voice command to Google Home / Assistant devices locally or via smartphone, or automatically unlocked at specific Date / Times via Google Home Routines. At its core the Arduino runs a simple web server on WIFI that supports a single GET request. The GET request needs a password on the URL in order to trigger the relay to open the lock. In order to make this so that I do not have access, I created a very long randomized character password that I cannot possibly remember and programmed it into the Arduino and into a webhook under my keyholder's account. I deleted the password and overwrote the code on disk so I cannot look it up anymore. My keyholder can now either instantly request it to open with a voice command anywhere in the world or program certain days/times it will open in their Google Routines account.

Emergency Backup:
Its a wood box that can be semi-easily smashed open if needed. Obviously would have to spend time to create a new box and not desirable

- Wooden box with hinged top
- Arduino Huzzah Feather
- Feather Latching Relay board
- Electric Solenoid lock
- 5-24V USB power regulator
- 12V power supply

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Re: DIY: Google Assistant WiFi (Self) Bondage Key Box

Unread postby Haruka » Sun Jun 21, 2020 3:17 pm

this is cool
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