Self bondage game on going - steering / ideaa welcome!

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

Self bondage game on going - steering / ideaa welcome!

Unread postby Subrick » Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:19 am

Hi All,

A 27 year old male from the Netherlands here into self bondage, feminization and humiliation here.

I recently got the keys to my new house and while doing the construction work and looking forward to move in, I have ordered new SM toys as I got rid of the toys I had when I moved out of my previous appartment

A summary of what I ordered:
2x Set of metal handcuffs
1x Set of ankle cuffs
2x ball gag (one harness and one regular gag)
1x metal chastity cage with urethal tube
1x butt plug set (3 sizes)
1x large goose neck butt plug
1x large tunnel plug
5x Diaper for night bondage
1x set of vibrating bullets
1x set of silicon breasts
1x inflatable butt plug
1x 19cm dildo

Now I am willing to do below scenario and already started with it;

When the goods arrived, I took the chastity cage without urethal plug and the small butt plug. I am now wearing the cage non stop since last friday and the plug during daytime only. Actually today is the first time I am wearing those under my clothes to work.

The rest of the new goods I will keep aside for when I move into the new house. A good sissy needs to be kept in Chastity right?

When I move in, I have a few days off, so I will enjoy my first night in “freedom” and then start the scenario in the morning:

I will get up, take a shower and put on my silicon breast harness under my normal clothes and change the small buttplug for the medium one. will get my morning coffee and breakfast. As I previously also got rid of my feminine clothing, I will need to get new clothes today.

I will drive to the mall out of town and will intend to buy the following in a female store:
2x bra / panty set : one sexy set and one “plain” training set.
1x set of stockings
1x feminine skirt
1x female top shirt

Having bought those, I will go to a restroom and change my underwear for the plain panty and put my breasts in the new plain bra.
Dressed like this, I will drive to a hardware store before goinghome to unpack the rest of my new gear. I will need to buy two lenghts of chain and various locks for a spread eagle bed bondage

As I want to spend the night in strict spread eagle bondage, I will prepare on the bed the following:
Bed posts pre tied with the ankle cuffs, use the two pairs of handcuffs with frozen bottles of water tied to the bed so that I can easily tie myself when laying on the bed. The water bottles with the chain in it, enough for 4 hours, is in the freezer.

Also, I will put in my vibrating bullets and close those off with the large goose neck plug before putting myself in a diaper for the night. This, together with my sexy lingerie set, the skirt, the top and the lockable blindfold.

With this laying on the bed, I will have the rest of the day to myself and after dinner I will be taking a shower, undressing myself completely and only leaving the breasts and the bra on to feel like a slut. Under the shower I will be practicing the deepthroating on my dildo as every slut must be able to do so. Also, I will shortly open up my chastity cage to install the urethal plug in it. I will take one more opportunity to empty my bladder and force myself to hold it up from now.

Next up is taking a good enema and using my inflatable plug to hold the water while performing further deepthroating on my dildo. After two rinses, I will put in the tunnel plug and make sure I am fully clean from the inside and (almost) empty again. When finished, I will put in the large butt plug in my extended hole and dry myself. Naked, I will move to the bedroom and install the frozen bottles fixed to the bed.

I will start dressing myself by changing the plug to first the vibrating bullets and then the large gooseneck plug. On top of that I will put a diaper. When this is finished I will drink 3 more glasses of water, before putting on my sexy bra, my skirt and my feminine top. Next up, is tying my ankles to the bed post, putting up my blindfold of which i left the key for the lock in the bathroom and then tying my wrists in the handcuffs. This leaves me bound with a vibrator and a plug deep inside me for at least 4 hours.

When the ice finally melts, I must blindly undo my ankle restraints and while being blind and in my wetted diapers I must walk to the bathroom to find the key to my blindfold. After removing it and adjusting to the light, I will have the chance to change myself, put back the small plug, put on the sexy panty and enjoy the rest of the night in “normal” sleep, of course still in chastity

Any suggestions/ additions, tips and ideas are welcome to steer this session.
If you like, i keep you posted!
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