peeled banana (enema+selfbondage?)

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RE: peeled banana (enema+selfbondage?)

Unread postby mummybondage11 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:35 pm

I read this on a forum about the most embarrassing situation "A friend of mine thought it would be fun to wrap up a peeled banana in a condom and insert in bunghole. What he didn't realize is that bananas get soft as they heat up. So before too long his anus had kinda cut the banana in 1/2. So he had one 1/2 up his ass and the rest of the condom hanging out. It had turned into a kind of banana soup."

Which got me thinking of a banana plug without the condom.. cold banana slowly softens to a mush giving you a fruity enema. Also adding in some timed self bondage, so you're stuck with it until you escape. Or is this a very bad mistake?

!!! WARNING !!!
Here is his end story with the condom and banana stuck up his rear.
"There was also a considerable amount of blood from the straining and he wound up needing to go to the hospital and get emergency surgery because he had burst open like 3 fistulas in his ass."
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