Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta Release 0.5

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RE: Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta Release 0.5

Unread postby qwerty212 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:30 pm

Hello again from Barcelona :hi:

Before some people run to download it, please remember that this release is a beta, so it has been published just to get feedback from the users to improve the final release.

When finished, this program will be part of a bigger program (there were going to be 3 differents programs, but I have joined 2 of them in this release), so any feedback or idea will be pretty apreciatted.

Do not try this program in real sessions if you are not using a laptop, a computer connected to an UPS system or if you haven't at least one backup release method.

This is the first public beta release of the Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer.

Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer is a program to use on selfbondage sessions that forces you to suck a dildo to get free (or to do not get teased).

To use it you're going to need a webcam, a laptop, a dildo and a computer running windows 2000 or later.

At the beggining I was going to release 3 diferents programs., but last week I have joined two of them in this release, so you can perform 2 different sessions with this one:

Sucking the dildo and being collared to a fix point, so you'll not be able to take the dildo out of your mouth.


Sucking the dildo without being collared to a fix point, but the computer will check that you do not take it from your mouth (I call this mode "Virtual Restrain").

The last program will take the image from 2 webcams, so you'll have to cover a certain part of the dildo with your mouth and also suck to lift a paper ball or a little ballon:

The program doesn't need to be installed to work, and it has been only tested on a Windows 7 machine, so any feedback about other OS will be welcomed.

There are two versions of the beta released.

One requires Silverlight to be installed on the computer and the other one not.

In order to work the Silverlight version must be executed having in the same folder than the main exe a folder named webcam (where the webcam stuff is located).

If Silverlight is no installed on your computer the program will not work
The non Silverlight version is and stand alone exe file. (so there's no need of having any webcam folder or silverlight installed (but it may happen that the program doesn't recognizes your webcam)

The minimum working resolution is 1024x720.

This program blocks any forced reboot, and checks the battery level of the laptop. When the battery goes under a 15% the program will run the desired release method.

As this program checks that you're doing the blowjob depending on if you cover an area of a certain color with your mouth is very important that you use it with very good light conditions.
The best way it would be to have an artificial light source next to the dildo and the webcam pointing to the area of the dildo that the program will look on. The best it would be something like the picture below:

When you open the program you'll get a black square with two red rectangles on it:

The black square is the webcam viewing area. On the top left of this area there is a button:

Clicking on it, Silverlight will ask you for permission to use the default video device of the system. Just click yes in the prompt window and you should have the stream of your webcam on the screen.

The two red rectangles are the searching areas that the program will use to check that you're doing the blowjob.
You can move and resize the searching areas with the arrows buttons:

If you want to move the rectangles faster use Ctrl + the directional arrows on the keyboard
If you want to resize the rectangles faster use Alt + the directional arrows on the keyboard

The idea is that you put the rectangles pointing to the dildo and the area that you want to cover when doing the blowjob.

(Is a good idea to do the rectangles bigger than the area that you want to suck, because the dildo will no be always in the same exactly position).

When you have the rectangles on the desired position you'll have to choose in what direction you're going to do the blowjob using this buttons:

This is extremely important because the computer will force you to cover one of the rectangles and to go back showing the desired color on the other rectangle, so if you input wrong the direction you'll be stuck!

When you have choosed the direction is time to see if the program recognizes the color of the dildo (or the color that you'll ave to hide from the cam when doing the blowjob).
The controls are the same than the ones used on the Selfbondage Color Finder:

If you click on:
you'll get a color picker window:

The best way of using that window is just drag the tool marked with a red circle on the image above and drop it over the dildo, so you'll get the exact match of the desired color. While you're draging the tool you'll see a zoom of the image to get the best result.

When you've selected the desired color press the test button to see if the program recognizes it.

If the program can't recognize the color on any of the rectangles it will tell you to change the tolerance.

This value is how many gradients of the exact match of the desired color the program will look also for. So a very high tolerance can return false positives and a low value can make that if the light of the room changes a lot the program will not get the exact macth of the color. As usual make as many test as you can/want.
Remember that during the session the dildo will be wet with your saliva, so is a good idea to suck it a little before doing the setup!!!

If the program finds the desired color on both rectangles they will become green:

I strongly recommend to do a lot of test, specially sucking the dildo, to check that the program can't find the color when we are sucking the dildo. The best colors are usually blue tones for our pourpose

Next to the tolerance control there are the virtual restrain controls:

This one activates and desactivates the virtual restrain mode.

When the virtual restrain mode is on there wil be drawed on the screen a new searching area:

To configure the virtual padlock and resize and move the searching area you must click on this button:

Doing it will open the Virtual Restrain configuration window:

In this new window you can see that we have some arrows buttons to let us move and resize the new searching area:

While this window is open you can move the searching area faster use Ctrl + the directional arrows on the keyboard
While this window is open you can resize the searching area faster use Alt + the directional arrows on the keyboard

In this beta you can do something like:

This will be prevented to happen on the final release. It can causes mal function on the program if your searching areas collide.

Next to the arrows you have the same controls that you've used before, but this time they work for the virtual restrain seraching area:

When you select the color to look for in the searching area and do a succesful test the area will become green:

I strongly recommend to do a lot of test, to check that the program can't find the color when we are sucking the dildo. The best colors are usually blue tones for our pourpose

In the configuration window there are also two punisments setups.
The first one is a time punisment. If you take the dildo ou of your mouth the program will see the color on the searching area of the Virtual Restrain, and session will end (Because I can't trust you now, there's no reason why you're going to keep doing the blowjob, you now can simply put your head between the webcam and the dildo and move it forward and backward).

With this input you say to the program how long you are going to be tied if you break the virtual restrain.

(There are other time inputs in the program, the time punishment will be added to any time that you have agregatted till the moment that you break the virtual restrain. For example, if you setup that you want to be tied 2 hours after the blowjob and you break the virtual restrain, you'll be tied these two hours and the time that you input on this input (in that case 5 hours!!)

The second punishment setup is the program that will tease you if you break the virtual restrain:

Here you can choose what program yu o want to tease you and if you want that that program just teases you one time or duirng the whole punishment time (this is depending on the kind of program you are using to tease you).
Default teasing program is any program named pain.exe stored in the same folder than the Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer.

You can get teasing programs please check the pain.exe and exit.exe post

If you want to use sound teasing you can take a look at this thread where a guy ask for a teasing device

When you have finished setting up the virtual restrain you can turn this feature off and get back to main window of the program using:

or save all the changes and leave the virtual restrain turned on with:

On the right side of the main window you can find all the options that can be configured to setup your selfbondage session.

They are divided by groups. The first one is the one related to how many sucks do you want to do to finish the session:

Here you can also setup if you want to play with random mode (checking this option you'll have to select the max and the minimum number of sucks to do),You can input the time that you think that you're going to need to tie yourself before the computer will ask you to do the blowjob (later, during the countdown that appears to show you how much time left until real session starts you'll have the change to increase or decrease this timer), and finally you can select the speed of the forced blowjob.

Clicking on the test speed button you'll get a progressbar showing you how much time will you have before the program thinks that you've failed doing the blowjob. If you Select "No time", the program will only decrease the total amount of remaining sucks without any timeout (so there will be no fails, no teasing, no time extensions... boring).

(please, notice that is not the same speed when the program has to check the virtual restrain window)

The next group of options is the one that sets how long d'you want to be tied when you finish the blowjob:

Here you can setup if you want to be tied waiting or the release with random time. As above, if you click on the checkbox type the max and the minimum time that you want to wait.

Next group is the teasing group. You can setup a program to tease you everytime that you fail doing the blowjob:

and how many time in minutes will be added to the final countdown everytime that you fail.

Next group is the sound teasing group:

The sound teasing will work during the final countdown, and it works as the sound teasing of my other programs (tired of typing,man).
Notice that you can choose if you want to add time to the final countdown everytime that you fail.

The last group is the most important, is the one of the release method setup:

Here you can setup and test your release method (in fact, you'll not be able to start a session until you've tested the release method).

Under the release method setup group there are the final comands:

The test button session is not working yet, the contact is just to send me mails giving feedback.

If you press the start session button and you've setup right the searching areas you'll get on your screen a countdown showing you how much time left until the real session starts, so you must use this timer to tie yourself:

When this timer ends the real session will start.

You'll get on your screen a counter with the remaining sucks:

a progressbar showing you how much time lefts before the program says that you've failed doing the blowjob:

If you take a look at the right of the progress bar you'll see a picture showing you the next movement that you have to do(basically are images that tell you to suck or to go back on the dildo):

Under the counter there is a window that shows how much time are you going to be tied after the blowjob :

and if you have setup that you want to add time to the counter when you fail it will be updated:

Finally, when you have finished doing the blowjobs (remaining sucks <1) you get on screen the final countdown and a progressbar showing graphically how much time left until the release method will be activated:

and if you have setup sound teasing during this coundown you'll get the sound progressbar on screen:

(if you have choosed to be teased with a 10% of sound, this bar will be filled when you make a sound over the 10%!! Fill the bar and you'll be teased).

On final version during this countdown you'll can see on screen the photos that the program has been taking of you during the blowjob.
In this release the images are stored on a folder on the desktop.

Aps, you can exit the program at any moment just pressing the escape button... but it will not run the release method, just closes the program!!! So it can't be used as release method.

Here is it the link to this beta release:

PS: I haven't found any good blowjob phrases, so this program doesn't include any sentence... I hope to find some good voices for the final release. Any help with this will be much apreciatted.

Greets from Barcelona

Thanks to iluvplanes, LoKiT and for reporting errors.qwerty2122011-08-13 15:36:22
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Re: Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta Release 0.5

Unread postby simbaleo27 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:00 am

hey you...

i like to test this nice software, but the link is´nt run... is there another ??? ore is it possible to get the software anywhere?

thanks alll....

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Re: Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta Release 0.5

Unread postby MsBehavin » Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:47 pm

This is the latest link courtesy of QWERTY's thread on boundanna

Hopefully this will do the trick.
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Re: Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta Release 0.5

Unread postby tiemeupalso » Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:31 pm

is there one that works on windows 10/
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