Things to do... with a butt plug

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

RE: Things to do... with a butt plug

Unread postby Frogtied11 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:36 pm

i ride my motercyle with myne in feel it over every bump, turn and speed hump :D
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RE: Things to do... with a butt plug

Unread postby catsuit_belted_doll » Tue Aug 23, 2011 6:09 pm

A Butt plug is a must in any bondage scene!

As others have done, I've slept buttplugged, I went to work buttplugged, I went inline skating the trails buttplugged, I clubbed buttplugged, I went to school plugged, I wore a full body latex  catsuit buttplugged, and as I'm typing these lines I'm buttplugged.

My favourites are my steel njoy pure plug Large and my Rattler butt plug. Both being locked under my full waistband steel chastity belt.

I love the Rattler Butt plug as it's internal clanger knocks my inside with every move I make. Awesome for clubbing, jogging, inline skating, or pretty much anywhere where you move.  If you don't move, the clanger is silent. When you move, the shell inside the plug will clang and bounce all over against the plugs steel walls, sending interesting vibrations up your spline.  If you move abruptly, the clang will be audible to others.  But you really have to be trying hard.  It's fun.

The njouy pure plug Large is my second favorite under my chastity belt. (that's what I'm actually wearing at this present moment).  It's heavy and you will sure won't forget it's presence hanging down your anus. In my case, it's handle protudes out of the metal crotch plate of my steel chastity belt, and cached by a locking hook. Then I run a steel chain from the back of my chastity belt, trough the hook under the plug, to the front under steel penis tube.

The chain sends additional vibrations and weight to the buttplug, making it to knock against my belt's crotch plate with every move. The chain will also knock and vibrate against my bet's steel tube, encasing my penis which is shoved into an 85mm anatomical urethral plug. The penis plug has a smooth, yet heavy peardrop at the end of the shaft.  So fucking actually occurs 85mm (3.3") up my penis each time my butt plug teases my prostate.

I have also tried shoving an Aneros Progasm plug. That toy is a bit too hash for my tastes. It has two tabs simultaneously stroking both the perineum and the tailbone. Then, the plug itself is designed to hit the prostate directly in it's sweet spot. It will sure make anyone plugged with that to leak. It doesn't get much use, as I don't necessarily look forward to orgasm in public.

I prefer the constant teasing that my njoy pure plug Large and the steel rattler butt plug give me under my chastity belt. And if I really want to orgasm, then all I have to do, is provoke it with stroking myself against by belt.

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RE: Things to do... with a butt plug

Unread postby Claudia » Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:11 pm

I thought I'd jump in here because I love having my butt stuffed too.  The one thing that I would encourage you to do is save some money and buy an estim system.  This will expand your experiences dramatically.  You can still experiment with size, duration, situations, but then it is all multiplied by the electric shocks that can be administered in an amazing number of combinations.  My Master has punished me by making me stuff myself with a variety of vegetables and then do my household chores stuffed with like a carrot with the carrot tops still attached so it looked like a had a green leafy tail.  You might try a trip to your local farmer's market or grocery store and use your imagination.
Then, I would timidly suggest that you step it up a bit...  Like there are 12 months in a year, yes, but there are also 52 weeks.  I bet if everyone here tried, we could come up with 52 different butt plug situations.  Then we could form a club based upon your thread and everyone in the club would join you in your butt plug experience and we could talk about them here too. 
Just a thought.
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RE: Things to do... with a butt plug

Unread postby loraineveritas » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:46 pm

So many butt plugs, so few opportunities.  Butt plugs are a succulent way to enjoy bondage, and I agree that estim and butt plugs are a marriage made in heaven.  Maybe a double [ACME Company] holding in an enema? How about very tight thong latex panties to hold  a plug in?  Or a leather harness and maybe a dildo too?
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