Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby sweetjasmine » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:00 am


last week I'll ve three night alone and I would like some fun :)
My dream is to be kidnapped and locked in a little place where my captor (a Master or a Mistress) keeps me naked, tied with ropes, gagged and sometimes blindfolded. I'm a whore for Him (or Her) and He (She) wants also give me a lesson humiliating and spanked me. No escape, I'm tied and the gag prevents any noise.

My kit: a collar, a lot of ropes, gags (ballgag, harness gag, muzzle, tape), blindfolds, a black mask, an armbinder, a pair of handcuffs, two dildos for my ass of different dimensions, nipple clamps, clothespins, Wartenberg Wheel, a paddle, a whip, and a cane. I don't use vibrator or other for my pussy 'cause it's too easy and distracts me from the ropes. No piss etc.

Time is 30 mins and more (what is needed or I'm able to resist) for every night.

Please be my captor, tie me and spank me very hard (I like to feel pain on my boobs, my pussy and my ass the next few days).

Many thanks in advance :)
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby Franzia » Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:38 pm

Hmm... you should be flogged for forgetting to include a saucer or dish to collect drool from the ball gag as you're left blindfolded & tied strappado in a closet! :) Also nipple clamps are to be connected to knee rope just to make sure your submissive posture is correct. ;)
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Sprinkler fun

Unread postby DarkLizerd » Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:41 am

Here is one for everyone, little setup, but did sting a bit... but still fun...
You need a directed sprinkler, one that shoots out as it goes around.
A tree, or post at just the right distance away... (you will see soon how far that needs to be...)
A few ropes...
cuffs, if you want
any other 'toys'
Timer or any release...
(for me, I just stood there as if I was tied...I know, CHEAT!!! )

The correct distance is where the water spray hits you right on the crotch...
as the sprinkler goes around.
(pussy or dick, which ever you have, head is the most sensitive...)

So, if you have the distance correct, and you are secured, you will get hit by the water as it goes around
right where you will feel it the most.
Have fun until your time is up...

For me, one pass hit my legs to each side, the next pass hit where it counted...
To be tied and unable to move would be a challenge...
All advice is checked, re-checked and verified to be questionable...
Don't ask, we both wont understand the answer... Not just for nubies any more...
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby tiemeupalso » Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:00 pm

sounds like a great way to beat these hot summer Texas days
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby sandalee » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:31 pm

So, next weekend I'll be also probably alone and will do something. Maybe you can give some ideas, you can say that I've got nothing to use, but there should be plenty of ways (Wish I'd brought my box full of things...)

- ball gag
- two belts (heavy cloth, like that: ... sa0009.jpg) + one stretchy one
- duct tape
- maybe I'll add something from the DIY store, give ideas :D

One idea I'll have is to belt my legs into frog position (or belting ankles to the radiator and staying on my knees) and use stretch belt to tie hands in strappado behind me to the radiator . I also read an idea of smearing honey to my gag to induce drooling, maybe I'll add some plate not to clean floor afterwards. So, any other ideas? Maybe some home-made instrument. Oh, yes, I've also got a cordless drill if that could be used somehow :D

EDIT: got two candles which I then melt above me. Tried them already on my arm and from 30cm it wasn't quite hot. Already got a plan how to install them so that's solved. But maybe some more ideas?
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby rebel13rhp » Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:43 pm

Lets see im a male looking for a dare for me to do and I have
Pallet wrap
Saran wrap
6 in packing wrap
duct tape
Tile tape
And rope for restraints then for clothes I have
Panties of a wide variety
Lots of pantie hose
Then I have toys
Plugs I have 2 medium and a large one
Then dildos I have 2 a medium and a large
Gags a ball or ring or duct tape
I have an hr limit and an ice timer plaese any ideas or dares would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby unleashedfantasy » Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:28 pm

I would like a anal dare or challenge:

3 anal plugs (small, medium, large)
Lube Launcher
Magic Wand
Jack Rabbit
Handheld vibrator

I will wear the anal plugs everyday
I work at home so I can wear them while I work

A challenge
A dare
To help me reach a goal
Goals: Financially, losing weight, etc.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby StoneEggInMe » Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:40 pm

What can I do to challenge myself with one set of kegel balls and one stone egg that's 2 inches wide? I have things I can use as rope, but I don't live alone and what I do most is just stuff myself with the kegel balls and/or the stone egg and see how long I can go. Usually I only keep them in for a few hours at a time, maybe the whole day or maybe overnight, depends on what I've got to do... They're not big enough to make me feel any pain from stretching, and unlike what wearing a dildo would do they don't stretch the muscle at the entrance of my vagina so they don't impair walking around or movement. Sadly. Any other way I can challenge myself and cause some pain?
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby Hidden Nikki » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:46 am

So im a bit tired at the moment pardon but. i have a question!

things i have
quite the amount of rope
rings for male parts >.>
vibe plug
nipple clamps collar that can connect to
and i have a 3.1 pully system that i can dangle around with

But heres the kicker, I do cam modeling online and i want to to be drawn out........and well somtimes for a transgirl things can go well limp at the slow parts. ive used the sbbjt and the motion detectors (HUGE PROPS to who ever made them and would love a motion detector update ((sorry for the credit but when its dew its fucking dew))

any ideas for a floor or hardwood kitchen chair or office chair

mind you i have a room for camin with the techy stuff and pully so i got some space to work with 13 long and 12.5 across so i got a good grid to wiggle

pref a standing dare but lets see if i can get a response long time reader first time poster
and would be doing it on cam to an extent
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby therealme28 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:24 pm

I had an idea that some of you may like.

On social media such as Fetlife, Post a writing or image and for every like or comment you must do something.

It might be better used for a dare such: "wear an anal plug an hour per like so if you get 6 likes then you must wear an anal plug for 6 hours."

It would continue on so it would be continuous.

It could be altered greatly depending on what you want to do and per your likes.

You could also do something per likes and comments if you wished.

So for example:
Idea 1:
    Post a picture of your anal plug
    For every like you must wear the anal plug for one hour
    Bonus: For ever comment you must add one month onto the dare
    End the dare in 1 month
    Bonus idea: if you don't follow through then you must throw away your anal plug

It really could be altered to a bunch of different variations, lots of possibilities!
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby Franzia » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:37 pm

That could also work on this forum with the dare or game under it's own topic if the rules were adjusted due to the slower pace. One would need patience to play it here.

Possibly :D could be used for a 'like'.
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby TiedTight1 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 3:42 am

Hey all, just a request for a dare/ scenario!

I'm a dude looking for some fun scenarios to do outside.
My limits include:
- No Exposure
- No Scat
- No Breathplay

I like predicament bondage, semi suspension, hogties. Other more traditional bondage is good tooe I like are the Ballet?, Collared
20 ft tie out chain
3 locks sharing keys
Sleep mask
Three sets of nipple clamps:
- One with little bells, one with a connecting chain and one clover style
Thigh Cuffs
Penis sheath with tube
5 sets of padlocks
1 pair fuzzy handcuffs
6 sets travel locks
One dog hood with blindfold, gag, and D ring on top
Ball gag harness with D-ring on top
1 pair wrist to thigh cuffs
One long haired wig
one breathable ball gag
one roleplay dog mask
knee and elbow pads
ring gag
2 timer locks
One 2 way irrigation splitter (can have pipe fit into breathable gag)
Penis extruder
High heal cuffs
one set nipple pressers (not sure what else to call them)
one dog style collar
One Vibrator
2x 10 meter rope
Penis cover
11cm high heals
elbow to collar spreader bar (makes like an upside down T)
Irrigation pipe
2x Irrigation pipe plugs (can fit into breathable gag)
irrigation pipe connectors (can fit into breathable gag)

Be creative!
P.S. I will be out in the woods, so use trees!
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread postby heavyrain » Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:36 pm


Next week I will have free evening and whole night at home and I would like to enjoy it with some long selfbondage session. I allways wanted to spent several hours in some kind of bondage (maybe over night), but it was never as good as I imagined. Maybe I need some new ideas and dares,-)

I really enjoy wearing nylon stuff - so it is must have. Also enjoy urinating when in selfbondage.

It could be fun to split the scenario in two by using two timelocks - first can release me from some realy unpleasant position and second still holding me bound for the rest of the session. Spliting one session even in more parts could be fun.

Stuff I have:

- lot of nylon pantyhose, nylon catsuits (closed feet, hands, head), nylon underwear
- women's underwear, bra
- latex pantyhose
- high heel shoes
- blindfold mask (over whole head)
- diapers
- chain (few meters)
- harness
- 2 timelocks, lot of padlocks
- handcuffs, legcuffs
- butt plug
- enema device (why not, but not sure?:-D)
- chastity device (it can hurt a lot after a few hours, not sure I want to wear it over night)
- mouth gag (also not sure I want to have it over night)

Thank you, if you can come up with something really challenging:))

I DON'T LIKE - public, needles or blood
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