Tied to a chair.

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

Tied to a chair.

Unread postby restricted » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:02 am

I woke up early this morning with absolutely no work to do today. It was 04.30. My significant other half was fast asleep so I crept downstairs. I could have had a little sleep, but I find once I'm awake, I'm awake. I heard my wife go to the toilet so I must have woken her. Never mind, I heard her go back into the bedroom and close the door. She usually gets up between 08.30 - 09.00 so that made me decide it was time for some fun.

I went to our spare bedroom and took out the nylon rope I have. I decided on a struggling bound nurse theme. I took a chair into our passageway and faced it opposite the large mirror I had put up on the wall. My first thing was to make a hangman's noose out of some of the thicker rope. This allows the coils to act as a gag and the open end can be taken around the head and tied into the loop of the noose.

I had hangmans ropes that I stood the legs of the chair in. I slipped my legs into the nooses and pulled the ropes tight. This secured my ankles to the chair legs. I took the ends of these ropes and tied them to the back of the chair beside me above the cross bar. (That stopped the ropes around my ankles slipping down).

I made a simple circle of some of the thicker rope as well. This was to be used later for my hands. I started by making a small loop and taking the rope from my lap around the upright post of the back and bringing it back and passing it in front of my body. This I pulled tight and passed it through the loop. This went back around the chair and came back to the loop where I tied it off. The rope I managed to pass under the chair, over my thighs holding them tight to the chair where I tied it off nice and tight, although I could move my legs side to side which tended to make the rope holding my thighs down rather superplous.

More rope went from the right side cross bar to just aboue my knee. I repeated this with the left leg and found to my delight I could not close my legs. I had a good view of my petticoat and my panties. I was wearing thick ones that hold my cock in a downward position. Finally I took hold of the loop I had made for my wrists and passed it through the rope that was holding me to the chair. I slipped my hands in and simply twisted the loop until it closed around my wrists. I was going nowhere like that and had to sit there looking at this nurse in the mirror. It must have been about 5.45 by now. By this time my cock was trying to get erect, but the panties did their job of holding it down.

I had a little struggle and decided to close my eyes for a little imagination to run riot. It did, okay. I must have dozed off as I heard a noise. It was next door going to work. The street door closing must have woken me. I watched as she walked to her car. It's lucky we have patterned glass on our front door. I could see out, but she would have had to peer through the window to see me. I watched as she drove off. "If only she knew" I thought. I wondered what her reaction would be to see me tied up wearing a nurses uniform.

I decided it was long enough to be in bondage and by 08.00 I was dressed normally. Good job I did. I heard my missus get up just afterwards. Never mind, it was fun. But I think I definately need to broach the subject of having her dress me and tie me up once more.

I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
I used to be weird and kinky. But then I joined Bound Forum and became normal.
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