Hypnotic Chastity

What do you mean it has 'only' been a month ?!?

Hypnotic Chastity

Unread postby occorics » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:24 pm

Hi everyone!

I have been lurking here for long and now I finally registered to share my story with you...

I have always been fascinated with orgasmdenial and chastity and also with erotic hypnosis. I can't wear a device 24/7 unfortunately, so I had to rely on my willpower, which never lasted much longer than a week... I have tried hypnosis files from different hypnodommes, but it never really worked for me. It was hot while I was playing along, but I didn't fall very deep and post-hypnotic suggestions didn't work.

Things changed, when I found Princess Shelle a couple of months ago. I bought two of her files and this was the first time that I really fell into trance. One of them put me in chastity for a week... I failed the first two times, but it was already a lot easier than staying chaste on my own.
Half way through the third try, I registered on her site and bought a file about wet dreams. A couple of days later, I found an email from her in my inbox. She asked, how I liked the files and even sent me a free one. We exchanged a few mails and I felt, that I could trust her. I think this was the turning point...
Well, I didn't fail again and after the week was over, I had started to enjoy being constantly horny so much, that I asked for more. This is now more than 11 weeks ago and I didn't cum since then! There has been a lot of stroking and edging, but also periods of no touching. There have been days where I really wanted to cum, but when I had the opportunity to ask for an orgasm, I always decided against it.

My goal is 100 days now and I told her a week ago. She hinted, that she doesn't know, if I will make it. Sounds like she isn't going to make it easy for me... wow, I love that!!!

I'll keep you updated if you are interested, I also have a daily journal in my blog...
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