Chastity and loose of cum control

What do you mean it has 'only' been a month ?!?

Chastity and loose of cum control

Unread postby Kazambound » Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:03 pm


After long years, i finally take some courage and try a Chastity Belt, giving my to my wife the key. She's not completly into the game, but with the time, she accept my beggings for be chaste.

I always be same kind of sensitive about cum. When i try Bondage, if my state of arousal/excitament was big, i use to cum, even without any estimule, and now, after try two days, i found my self cum on the CB on first day. I think the CB takes me to a big state of arousal which made me cum inside the CB without any control about it.

This is normal? I mean... may i have a problema or this use to be normal and with the time, i can expect to finish?

Indeed, my wife just love to know that happens to me, and now, she just tell me that i have to learn to control my self into the CB, but... i found it very dificult.

I've read many times about licking after same days... but never read about this.

Anyone with the same problem... if it's a problem? Or this is just a matteer of strange humiliating which i put my self on?
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