Chastity art

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Chastity art

Unread postby Hypercat » Mon May 29, 2017 7:46 am

I opened this thread because I wanted to share this pic:
Story along with it:
"Avia was always very self-conscious about the errant monster between her legs. Through some very embarrassing inquiries, she was able to find someone who could make a device that would keep the thing under control.
That she now has to deal with a constant throbbing sensation as the thing strained against its bindings is, in Avia's mind, a better alternative to having to run and hide whenever she saw a cute boy (or girl)."
Got the permission from the author.
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Re: Chastity art

Unread postby Hypercat » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:12 pm

Another chastity picture posted with persmissions of the authors:
The most intriguing part is the story:
Cory snarled and growled at his black furred feline cellmate, Vance. "It's mine!" the wolf let out a soft snarl, teeth bared. "You used it yesterday already! It's my turn now!" the panther growled back.

Cory had been in jail for five months now and he couldn't take it any longer. Clairvaux prison was a special place. As a private facility they could implement their own rules. Amongst them there was one that made the prison an infamous place. To ensure the inmates' compliance, and to prevent "accidents" in the showers, all prisoners had to wear a chastity belt. The special belts they used covered the crotch completely, preventing all access to the balls and cock of the unlucky wearer. A small and tight tube kept the cock pointing down and stopped any erection before it could even start. The front shield made sure they couldn't touch their balls for pleasure. Thin slits around the balls let the crotch breathe and allowed easy cleaning. A small hole in front, at the end of the inner tube, allowed the wearer to piss.

The wolf had fought hard during processing. He growled when they stripped him down naked and three muscular guards pulled him away. They led him towards an awaiting Saint Andrew's cross covered in straps. The guards strapped the belts tight around Cory's body to ensure he wouldn't be able to move an inch while the doctors checked him. He had always hated medical exams so he kept growling and baring his teeth at them. They soon had enough and strapped a tight ballgag in Cory's mouth. Once the doctors finished examining the wolf they called two nurses and took a chastity belt. The helpless inmate could do nothing but let out muffled growls as the nurses guided his thick cock inside the belt's inner tube. Cory groaned in frustration and squirmed helplessly as the hips belt was fitted and locked in place. Next the nurses had pulled two tight metal-weaved leather straps under his crotch and around his butt like the ones on a jockstrap. They pulled everything until it was as tight as it could go before locking the belt closed with an ominous click. Cory whined and looked down at his locked-away crotch. His cock already fighting to get hard against the unrelenting tube as its very tightness stimulated his length. He tilted his head when a guard approached him with a strange looking device, it fit over the cage and a key of sort slipped inside a small hole in the front. The guard looked up at the bound and gagged wolf, "Cory Bronson. You have been sentenced to 30 months of jail for robbery and kidnapping of a guard. This sentence is to be served continuously. Your prisoner number is WR081602. As per the rules of Clairvaux Prison this chastity belt will be time-locked to your release date. Any lengthening of your sentence will also be applied to the timer of the belt. Once set, the timer cannot be released." At this point Cory was yelling through his gag and struggling as hard as he could but the seasoned guard continued unfazed by his fight. "Any attempt to unlock the belt before the timer is over will cause the locking mechanism to break, permanently sealing the belt on you." Cory trashed and screamed but was helpless as the guard turned the lock, set the timer and turned the key again. The belt whirred and clicked, sealing and trapping the wolf inside his own personal, frustrating prison.

After fitting the belt the guards took the wolf down from the cross. They cuffed his hands behind his back and his ankles together before leading the still struggling and growling prisoner to his cell. "Prisoner WR081602, this is your cell," above the cell door a white painted signed read 'CELL 231' and inside it Cory could see a muscular panther. He was snoring softly in his bunk, shirtless and with only tight fitting boxer shorts covering his hips and cage. The feline's paw rested over his chastity-locked crotch and appeared to be groping it. Probably dreaming of being able to stroke his length and finally get release. Unfortunately he'd only be further denied when he'd wake up. "Prisoner PB011610! Wake up!" The panther groaned and looked out of the cell. He blurted out a greeting to the guards and upon seeing the bound wolf he grinned and jumped up. "New meat! Welcome!" He said chuckling and opeing his arms. "You two will share this cell." "Remember the rules wolf! No fights!" The guards said and opened the door with their batons out, in case the prisoners tried to fight back. They pushed Cory in the cell and locked the door again before leaving the two prisoners alone. The wolf growled and fought his binds trying to call the guards. They had left him chaste, bound, gagged and naked!

"Hehe, you fought back, didn't you?" The panther said to the wolf who turned around and growled softly. "The gag little wolfy. They give it only to the ones who give trouble. The cuffs too, they'll take them off tomorrow morning and give you your prison clothes." Cory groaned and shuddered, tensing and pulling at the cuffs before slumping down seeing he was helpless. He sat down on the other bunk and breathed slowly to calm himself down. The hunky feline sat beside him and smiled chirping out happily, "I'm Vance by the way! And you wolfy are welcome to my humble abode!" Cory snorted and groaned but under his attitude he was happy his cellmate was a friendly guy and not some psycho.

In the following months Cory and Vance became friends, friends with benefits that is. During the long, frustrating nights they would finger each other to try and take some edge off. They could never get any relief of course, but their need was so great that even the horrible denial was welcome. One day after one such session they slumped back on the bunks. Exhausted, whimpering, cocks aching, panting, muscular bodies covered in sweat. "Ahhh.... W-we need something else.... I can't take this anymore.....!" Cory said in a quiet whisper as he grabbed and groped his cage, a soft whimper left his muzzle. Vance could only mewl softly and nod. "Y-Yes... But if we go to the black market we risk.... The cage....." Cory closed his eyes and groaned. He rolled on his front and humped the bed with the cage in a hopeless attempt to gain some respite. "I can't take this anymore!!" His voice almost rose to a scream before slumping back, whimpering and crying. Vance awwed and went to sit beside his cellmate caressing his head and biting his lips, his own feline length aching. "Today at lunch we will contact O'Brien... We have enough stuff to trade for a vibrating dildo." The panther said making the wolf smile and murr from the caresses and the thought of the vibrations pleasuring him.

That same day the two prisoners approached the jail's smuggler, a diminutive ferret with quick eyes and quicker hands named O'Brien. Lucky for them the ferret wasn't a greedy guy but a vibrator is still a very precious commodity in a prison like Clairvaux and thus Cory and Vance had to put together all their possessions. A week later the ferret contacted them. He organized a meeting in the mess hall during the busiest hour to hand the prized item to the two horny men. Of course they started using it that same night.

All night they pushed the vibrating dildo all the way into their butts, deep against their prostates. The vibrations so wonderful yet so horrible at the same time. The cages were designed to prevent any release and all that came out of their nightly session were rivers of pre and the rare, pleasureless dribble of cum.

This nightly ritual went on for a few weeks but eventually a crack began to form between the two friends. They only had one vibrator and two needy cocks to take care of. Cory was the one that traded in the most for the vibrator and thus felt entitled to it. On the other paw Vance was the one who'd been in chastity longer and was the most frustrated of the two.

One night the crack broke and the two started fighting for the dildo. The rackus attracted the attention of the guards. They approached the cell, without the two prisoners noticing, baton and restraints ready in hand.

"The vibrator is mine!!" Cory growled and finally managed to take the vibrator from Vance's paws just as the guards reached their cell. "Stop there prisoner!" They shouted, "Hands against the wall and legs spread! NOW!!" Shocked, the wolf and panther could only stammer and stumble away from the cell door. Cory dropped the vibrator and shut his eyes tight. He and Vance groaned and stood facing the back of the cell, hands on the wall. The guards opened the cell-door and stormed in. The two prisoners were immediately cuffed hands and feet and laid on the floor face down. "Prisoner WR08160! You broke prison rules fighting with an inmate and being in possession of a smuggled item!" The guards swiftly hogtied the shocked wolf who squirmed on the floor and looked up at them, "B-But it wasn't only me! He used the vibrator and fought too!" He said looking at Vance who hissed back and struggled to get close to the wolf. "Shut up wolf snitch! That just earned you extra punishment! The biggest guard yelled, punching Cory in the guts to shut him up. The second guard took the emergency muzzle from his belt and placed it over Cory's snout. The straps were buckled as tight as possible around the wolf's head as he struggled and let out muffled shouts and curses through the cramped muzzle

Cory was lifted up from the floor, still hogtied. The guards closed the cell door behind them and carried him away. Vance, still cuffed hands and feet on the ground started to squirm and struggle, "Hey! You can't leave me here bound like this! Guards!!" he yelled, "Shut up prisoner! You were involved in a fight! You're lucky we won't punish you! A guard will release the cuff tomorrow morning." The big cat mewled and squirmed tring to get up on his bunk while the guards carried his cellmate away.

The bound wolf struggled with all his strength, foaming from his muzzled mouth, drool dribbling out as he tried to yell. "MMMMPPPPPHPHH!! LMT MM GHHHHHH!!!" 'Let me go!' He had tried to say but the guards either didn't understand or didn't care. The two stayed silent while they carried the fighting wolf towards the the dreaded punishment cells.

The wolf had never done anything bad enough to warrant a visit there. All his antics had always been punished in the usual way: 24 hours gagged, naked and bound in his cell. This time he wouldn't come out of it so easily. Cory had only ever heard the stories of the inmates that ended up in Falwick's grasp. He was the shark in charge of the punishements, infamous for loving humiliation and edging. The guard loved using the prisoners' own need to torture them.

As they entered the new wing Cory whimpered quietly and looked around, ears cast down and eyes widening at what he saw. Small cells lined the walls, stacked on top of each other like kennels. Inside them, bound prisoners squirmed and whimpered, their hips shacking and trembling. Some had their eyes closed, others stared at the guards carrying Cory. They pleaded and whined in desperation, but the guards ignored them.

Suddenly Cory was dumped on the ground. Ignoring his groans and wriggling, the guards opened up one of the tiny cages. The wolf started shaking his head hard as he understood their intentions, "MPPHHHHH!" The guards just chuckled at Cory's plight. The smaller one, a lithe fox with a permanent grin, knelt down and started playing with the wolf's exposed nipples, tweaking and squeezing them. "I wish we could have you for ourselves little pup. Falwick always gets to have fun without us." "MPPPHH! LMMT MPHH MPPHHOOOH!!" Cory tried to squirm away but the tight hogtie stiffled his struggles . The nipple play made his cock twitch and harden. Or at least it tried to inside its tight cage, bringing more pain and even louder groans out of the wolf.

Eventually the guards stopped playing with Cory and placed him inside the open cage. They tied a blindfold around the wolf's head, covering his eyes and plunging him in darkness. The door slammed shut and the electronic lock beeped. Cory whimpered softly as he heard the guards' steps getting away, "Mpppphhhh..." The tight bondage, teasing and the final blindfold left Cory completely depleted. He sagged in his restraints and squirmed as he tried to calm down and get comfortable. The wolf knew that his punishment would be worse than anything he had already experienced. His cock tingled and he tensed up at that thought. Soft whines escaped his mouth as he tried to rub the blindfold off but failed.

The helplessness and uncomfortable position finally got to him and he started to yell and struggle. The wolf's strong muscles tensed and he squirmed and pulled, desperate to stretch out and get up. He was ignored. For all his struggles and yelling all he got in return was silence and darkness. Sharp pain in his tired, cramped muscles and the unending need and ache of his cock. "Mppppph...." With a last, tired moan Cory finally fell asleep. His tired mind conjured confused dreams of tight bondage, cramped cages, denial and helplessness. A small stream of pre dribbled out of the cock cage as those thoughts filled his dreaming mind.

"Wake up little mutt, time for fun~" A teasing voice suddenly pulled Cory out of his dreams, "Mmmppph..?" He moaned questioningly and tried to squirm but immediately stopped. A night's worth of cramps made his whole body ache and the bound wolf whimpered in pain. "Hehe," the voice chuckled and removed Cory's blindfold. The wolf blinked and looked up, squinting at the bright light. A tall, muscular shark stood over him. The tight-fitting guard outfit highlighted his hard muscles, from the powerful legs and firm butt to his cobblestone abs and sturdy pecs. Cory's gaze traveled further up and noticed the guard's nametag 'Falwick A.'. A wide grin was plastered on the shark's face as he looked down at the wolf with a sexual hunger that made Cory whimper and try to squirm away.

"Not so fast wolfy," Falwick grabbed the the prisoner's bindings and pulled him out of the cage. Once out his swift hands undid the lock keeping the wrists and ankles of the wolf tied to each other. "Mpppphhhhhhh......" Cory moaned softly as he could finally relax and stretch out, albeit only partially with his legs and arms still bound. Falwick grinned at his prisoner and hauled him onto his shoulder, a paw groping and holding his butt causing more moans from the wolf. "You did bad wolfy boy, fighting with an inmate is a bad enough offense, but fighting for a pleasure tool? You WILL regret it!" Cory could only whine and squirm, wriggling in his bonds, resigned to his fate. "And since you like pleasure so much, I devised a punishment fitting for you!" The shark said snickering and giving a nice hard slap to Cory's butt.

After a short time the two reached a locked door. Before opening it Falwick covered the wolf's eyes with a new blindfold . As they stepped through the sound of the prison's common area surrounded them. "Mppph? Mhph!?" Falwick didn't respond to the wolf's muffled questions. He just laid Cory down somewhere and the prisoners gathered round, chuckling and laughing out loud, calling out to him. Cory knew whatever made sexually-starved criminals like them so happy would make him proportionally miserable. He whimpered and squirmed as he felt belts being wrapped around his legs. The shark buckled them above and below his knees. Once he couldn't kick or try to run away his ankle cuffs were taken off, another tight belt replacing them.

"Mpppph!" Cory wriggled and groaned, the rising helplessness making him even more desperate. He was angry at himself for getting into this situation and dreaded the incoming punishment. The shark guard just chuckled at the wolf's pitiful struggles and carried on with the binding. He tied more straps around Cory's arms before removing the cuffs from his wrists. Falwick buckled and locked a new pair of leather cuffs on his wrists before tightening even more straps around his body. Cory squirmed against his new bondage, it was tight and left him completely helpless. Arms bound snug at his sides, legs tied together so tight he couldn't even separate them by a millimeter. The poor wolf could only wriggle around, mpphing and squirming. As he pushed against the straps he realized it was a bondage harness that kept him at Falwick's mercy. A tight collar was buckled around his neck, the last part of an already uncomfortable and inescapable bondage.

Suddenly, Cory felt something wet and hard poking against his butt. "MPPPH! NNNHHH!!" The helpless wolf struggled hard and trashed against his bondage, desperate to get away. His muscles bulged, arms pulling and pushing against the straps binding them, legs bending and twisting, head shaking. His whole body lent to the effort, but it was fruitless, and hopeless. The helpless wolf could only wriggle on the spot, giving a show to Falwick and the inmates around them. "Heh, I like it when they fight." Said the cruel shark.

With a single strong push a lubed dildo was thrust deep in Cory's tailhole. "MMMMHHHPPPPPPPPHHHH!!!!!!!" The wolf screamed in anger through his locked muzzle. The muffled roar was pitifull and was only met by more laughter and a hard slap on his butt by the shark guard. A new strap was pulled over the dildo, pushing it even deeper in his hole. The hard invader stimulated his prostate making his cock ache even more. The strap over the dildo also connected the body harness to the legs one and even though he put all his trength into fighting the bondage, he was even more helpless now. "LMT MM GHHHH!!!!" He yelled, the muzzle muffling it into meaningless grunts and moans.

Falwick chuckled and pulled the blidfold away from Cory's eyes. "Ready for your punishment wolfy?" Asked the evil guard. "NHH!!" Cory yelled back and looked around. His eyes grew large and a pleading whine escaped his muzzle. He was laying down inside a low cage. Falwick stood right beside him grinning and holding a remote. All around the cage were Cory's fellow inmate. They laughed and pointed at him, pushing around to be in the first row for his public punishment. However there was one inmate that grabbed the wolf's attention; Vance! The black furred cat looked down at the wolf, grinning evilly and groping his chaste crotch. Cory whimpered and looked pleadingly up at the cat, angry for what happened but also sorry

"MPPH!" Cory yelled and squirmed, turning over onto his side to look up at Falwick. The guard had just kicked his butt! "Don't get distracted prisoner!" The shark flipped Cory onto his back. "Now listen up!" A boot pressed down onto his stomach pushing the dildo even deeper and keeping the wolf still. Cory moaned and glared up at the shark who spoke again. "Listen up WR08160! You have been found guilty of the following breaches of prison rules: fighting with a fellow inmate, collaborating with smugglers, possession of a smuggled item, possession of a pleasure tool and resisting the guards!" Cory shook his head in anger as the shark listed his "offenses". None of them were true! Yes he had fought with Vance but it was his fault! And why was owning a simple dildo forbidden!? He was desperate for release and his cock always ached non-stop! He had never fought against the guards either! "WHHT THM FHGG!? NH!! RMLMHFM MM!!!" He struggled and trashed screaming through the muzzle. Nothing helped him however and everyone around him just laughed harder. "Haha! Save your strength mutt! Your grave actions deem a grave punishment! The e-stim unit in your chastity belt will be turned on at the maximum intensity for a total of 24 hours! 8 hours per day for three days! Here, in the mess hall cage! Tied up in front of everyone!"

Cory's eyes widened. He shook his head, slowly at first. A whimper built in his throat and he almost cried. "N-Nhhh...! Plmhfm!" The wolf shook his head more and more, the whimper in his throat turning into and angry growl. As soon as Falwick stepped off his stomach he struggled like crazy, desperately trying to get up and away. But before he could even curl up and try to worm his way out of the cage, the top was shut by the grinning shark. A thick sturdy padlock made sure no one would be able to free the wolf except for Falwick himself.

"HHHHHHHHHRRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!" Cory screamed and tensed up when a sudden jolt of electricity filled chastity cage. His cock and balls where shocked harder than he thought possible but he could also feel pleasure rising through the pain. Soon his whole body was ravaged by the current, the epicenter his denied, desperate cock. He started trashing, screaming and yelling like a savage, muffled by the muzzle. "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGGHH!!!!!!!" Soon his tormented cock began to dribble cum through the slits in the cage. Cory looked down at it and whimpered through the terrible, pleasurable pain. He hadn't seen his cum for so long and now that he finally got his release, there was no real pleasure in it. All he felt was denial. Desperate to cum, desperate to be free, he fought with all he had but nothing helped. The wolf struggled and trashed, turning around all over the cage floor. Helpless, tortured and denied for the prisoners' and guards' pleasure.

Falwick grinned and chuckled looking down at his prisoner. He rubbed his own crotch, reveling in the dominance and power he held over the inmates. The shark's thick cock hardened and he walked away towards his office. There he would watch Cory's plight through the prison's cameras. Alone and free to cum as much as he wanted, unlike the inmates under his commands.

Cory felt so helpless. His cock ached. His muscles were covered in sweat from his efforts, his struggles sending it flying around the cage. The muzzle buried all his screams and pleads behind muffled, unintelligible sounds. The crowd surrounding the cage laughed, pointing and betting how long he'd last. Cory looked at them, desperate, pleading, but received no answer except for more taunting. He even looked up at Vance, but there was no mercy in the panther eyes. Instead the feline grinned and took something from a pocket, a remote. The wolf pleaded to him, hoping whatever that remote controlled would help him through the torturous punishment. Vance understood Cory's muffled pleads but shook his head no. He took the remote, showed it to the wolf, then clicked a button on it.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHGH!!!!!!!!" The dildo strapped deep in his butt had turned on, the vibrations at the highest strength, Cory screamed. He tensed up, shuddered and convulsed in the small cage he was tied up and locked in. His struggles and trashing increased tenfold. His muzzled screams filled the hall and a choir of laughter from the other inmates rose around him. "PLMMMMMHFM! FTHHHP HMT!! GHHRDS! HMMMMMMLP!!!" He yelled through his muzzle, pleading for the terrible torment to stop. He called out to the guards, the prisoners, Vance. No one cared, they just watched him struggle in desperation as he tried all he could to escape. Vance chuckled as he looked at the struggling, pleading wolf and hid the remote in his pocket once again. "So who's the winner now mutt? No one messes with me and now your precious dildo will teach you not to!" Cory barely heard the panther amidst the noise of the crowd. "NNHHHHHHH!"The wolf screamed more from habit than from actual hope. He knew now that the cat would not help him. And he would learn his lesson in a harsh way.

Time was lost to Cory. Minutes or hours passed, he didn't know. He kept fighting in the hopeless attempt to get free. The wolf's whole being was filled with need, pain, pleasure, shame, anger. Muscles bulged, legs kicked, whole body tensing up in the struggle. Sweat covered him from ears to toes. "MMMPPPHHHH!!" Drool dribbled out of his muzzle as he kept screaming through it.

Soon Cory was exhausted. He laid almost still, whimpering and shuddering softly with each new wave of pain and pleasure. He looked up one last time, hoping against hope for some mercy. The wolf passed out amidst the laughter of the prisoners. Blissful darkness enveloping him like a soft blanket...

Suddenly he was awake. Thrust into his nightmarish punishment once more. He trashed around, shaking his head and yelling. A guard stood beside him, an empty syringe in his hand. "NHHHHH!!" Cory was furious. He had hoped to reduce his torment. Hoped they'd let him sleep for a few hours at least, but that wasn't an option. He would have to endure 24 hours of this, with no relief, no mercy.

"HHHHRRGH!! NHHHHHHH!!! PLMMMMMMHFM!!!! LMT MM GHHH!!! LMT MM GHHHM!!!!" His screams were once again drowned by the crowd. The guard stepped out of the cage and locked Cory in it once again. Then he left, leaving the wolf to his punishment.

P.S. Oops! I was almost forgetting to post the links to the original:
The authors are:
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