Real-Time Male Chastity

What do you mean it has 'only' been a month ?!?

Real-Time Male Chastity

Unread postby mingmerciless » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:26 am

OK; this post is for real, not a fantasy. my husband and I live the Hotwife-Cuckold lifestyle, and have for almost 4 years. We both find it amazingly rewarding, and after several attempts at his forced chastity, we have come to an impasse. Every device we have tried is either crap, painful, or totally impractical. We both want very much for him to be devoid of any sexual gratification, other than the mental pleasure he receives from seeing/ knowing that I am out with my boyfriends. He already has been "forced' to wear only girls panties, all his male things were disposed of years ago. he wears a silver, girl's heart necklace and wrist band. When we go out to dinner, he wears girl's ankle boots or knee boots with his jeans. Occasionally, I cross-dress him to be my "Girlfriend" if we are going to a movie or dinner.The final step is to be his cock chastity. I need some help, PLEASE!
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Re: Real-Time Male Chastity

Unread postby Ass_Whiplash » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:38 am

I have similar problems (I think) with chastity.

At least, for me, after relatively short time periods (~1 week) I often start to develop sores around the ring of trapped balls ring/cage devices. I did better in plastic ones (probably the metal or whatever it is finished with is more irriating to my skin than the plastic) but unfortunately they kept breaking. Before anyone jumps in and tells me to get a looser base ring, I've tried that, and the thing wouldn't even stay on; 45mm ring seems to be right for me, where it fits snugly and I can *just* get a fingertip under it.

I'm considering trying more of a full-belt design (crucially, one that does not have anything around the scrotum); maybe something like this.

The other option is to get a really expensive custom belt (neosteel, my-steel, etc) made to his precise measurements, but I mean it when I say it is expensive, they're usually $1500+. And, if you mismeasure, or his weight changes, it won't fit right and the result will be unsatisfactory.
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