Darlex Sleepsack - Sizing Advice (Winter Fetish)

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Darlex Sleepsack - Sizing Advice (Winter Fetish)

Unread postby bbear » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Hi there,
I'm on the verge of purchasing a Darlex Sleepsack from Winter Fetish. Link for the exact product: http://winterfetish.com/collections/bondage/products/darlex-sleepsack

However, I am stuck between two sizes - Small Tall and Medium Tall:
Small is:
32-36 inch chest, 25-28 inch waist
Medium is:
38-44 inch chest, 29-36 inch waist

User's sizes are:
35.4 inch chest (Small)
30.3 inch waist (Medium)

Has anyone got any advice which size to go for with regard for comfort using this for a longer period of time (say, a few hours, or even sleeping in it) please? How would this compare to your choice for using it only for short periods (e.g. 30 minutes)? I want the user to really feel the squeeze, even whilst laying relaxing and not struggling, but not to feel cramp.

I've seen quite a few photos/videos where it looks like there's spare Darlex / it's creased / crumped and not really squeezing properly (e.g. photo below this post, where it's creased from waist to feet) and would like to avoid this.

Please indicate whether you've got one of these and are speaking from first-hand experience or not in replies - it would be super helpful!

Thanks :-)

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Re: Darlex Sleepsack - Sizing Advice (Winter Fetish)

Unread postby Franzia » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:25 pm

It is expensive- not an easy choice! :-?
I've no experience with Darlex, but if confronted with the same choice I would go for the larger size, especially for longer periods. While a smaller size would squeeze all over, it could also prove to be just too small and therefore unusable.
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Re: Darlex Sleepsack - Sizing Advice (Winter Fetish)

Unread postby inallwaysbound » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:27 pm

We have a darlex sleepsack, my best advice is to make sure the length is not too short. The width should be tight, our stretches quite a bit to zip, but that's what makes it fun. What is not fun, is when your toes go numb, because they are "bottomed out". When we bought ours, the tall option was not available, I always felt that if it was one inch longer, it would have been perfect. I am usually allowed to wear socks in there, and that makes it OK. That being said, it is one of the best pieces of gear we have ever bought. It has been used literally in the 100's of times, and still looks 99% new. We wash it often, and dry it carefully. I HAVE slept in it, it was a VERY long night, I was actually moved out to the couch, because I was complaining, mostly due to the inability to move, no pain or anything. As for moving someone on to the couch, if you open the bottom of the zipper, the feet can be slipped out, so the "victim" can walk, then, once in position, zip the feet back in.

One other piece of advice, is get one of their "dickie" style hoods, the neck tucks into the sleepsack, and is quite comfortable, ours has nose holes only, and really adds a lot to the experience. Hope this helped.
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