Partner finding for bondage method

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Partner finding for bondage method

Unread postby plstiemeup » Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:05 pm

Hello all bondage fans

So you don't have a bondage partner? (like me :D )
I found a way that you can find one really easy
Here i explain how in left collum you can see how , at the right you can find mine experience
-1. Search a friend that you can trust I found a nice, cute girl that i know i know here already some years and i know i can trust her

-2. Make a bundle with some things you wanne be bounded in. I choose: Hogtie, frogtie, trashbag bondage, and of course mummification :D

-3. Set some challenges in the bundle that you don't want and want to do I choose to be bouded naked (no i don't want that ) in one of the bondages be dressed like a girl ( yes i want ) and some other things :p

-4. Now set some pumishments in the bundle If you don't do 1 challenge, in all bondages head completly mummified, all forms of bondage's go 1 hour longer, If you don't do 2 challenge's , In the trashbag bondage thereis a "secret" punishment in the girls bundle ( explain later) ...

-5. Now put in that this is a site that makes random things to do if you wanne work for a better realtionship

-6. also put in thebundle that the person that is going to be bounded is completly "random" :twisted: so if you wanne be bounded the "site" choose you and if you want you friend be bounded the "site" choose here.

-7. Also put in all dangers and warning's. Also say that if you can escape, that she will get to be also in bondage as a punishment, so she will tie you really good ;)

-8. Now it's time to make the girl's bundle, this bundle contains thing's that are some punishemennt's if you don't do what she say , unexpected thing ( for example let him in 1 of you chosen bodage form 2 hours longer in it , then first planned ).

-9. Now it's the great day , go to here home and talk to here, say that you have something special for here to do , say that you goed to a site that randomizes activites to do with 2 , that you get a better relationship to each other. SHe will normally say , oh cool chat is it, show here the bundle , and say that you never saw it and you don't know what you need to do. So she and you will be exited to see what you need to do. Open it and look to and she will react, omg duct tape bondages ? what is this , explain that this is completly random generated. Now look who will be bounded i chose me ofc ;). So now read the bundle together.

-10. Now you do what the bundle say, start with easy things, and end with the extremest thing you want. i chose that the end will be full bondy tape bondage, 3 handerchiefs or 3 panties is in my mouth (i hope pantied :D ) wrapped with tape arround it , wrapped tape blindfold, now earplugs with tape that they can't go out, now a pantyhose over my head and now a completly head mummification exept my nose ofc :D. I will stay in here for 8 hours. While i am in she need to say some thing that i need to do ( rly loud ofc xD ) like turning arround, stand up . But if i can't do it she need to punish me

-11. you enjoyed it? :p the bundle tells you and the girl that this isn't the end, that you need to find new ways for bondage and extremer.

So i hope you guys now will find someone. I will do this in 6 onths, Why ?? because i now have really much pustules so now i have the best medicine that there exist, if this is done. Then i will do this ^^ i hope i can take pics , i will post them as soon as i can in a new topic ;)

If you guys think that i need to change some thing say it, if it is a good suggestion , maybe will this topic become something great , the bound forum partner finding method , so say you experience with finding a partner, and how you found him/her and the things i need to change

If my method helped, say it :p i wanne hear you experiences :D

Btw sorry for my english :p ( i am from belgium ;) )
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