Last Night

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Last Night

Unread postby Mummyman413 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:28 pm

Hey everybody! I am sorry I have not been able to get on for a while. I had internet connection problems with charter. But I got that fixed yesterday. Anyway, last night I had a great session! I had some flex wrap stuff, and masking tape. I mummifyed myself up to my shoulders. Normaly I would wrap my head in plastic wrap, leaving only an opening for my nose. Then wrapping my head in tape. However I did not have enough tape or plastic wrap. :( But I did manage to gag myself. :gag: What I did to cover myself is I made a sticky sheet from tape, but a small one because I would only need it to wrap my arms. (I had my arms in an x across my chest.) After I made that, I was ready to start! I striped off all of my clothes, grabbed the flex wrap, and started wrapping up my legs. Once I ran out of that, I used masking tape to wrap around my chest. Finally I squirmed in to position, and rolled my arms up in the sticky sheet. It was great! I was in there for about two hours. (I am sorry I don't have anything or anyone to take pictures while I am completely wrapped up. But after I was almost out, I took a picture of my mummifyed lower body. It is My avatar.) After loosening my arms enough, I grabbed the scissors on the ground next to me. I cut my arms free, and began unwrapping the tape. ( I wish I could have stayed there longer, but I had to dispose of the used tape, because I am sharing the house. And had to get rid of it before morning. It was about 2:00 AM at the time.) After I had unwrapped myself, I had to get rid of the mess. But I have a way to dispose of it without waking anyone, or just tossing it in an inside trash can where someone would find it. I would sneak into the garage. We have two garage doors and we almost never open the left one. So what I used to do was turn off the mechanism on the left one, and sneak outside and toss it in the wheelie bin that would be emptyed in the morning. Now I do the same thing. Except I figured out how to turn the mechanism back on when I was inside without using the electronic thing that makes a noise that you can hear through the whole house. I just sort of tinker with the piece that attaches the door to the motor until it clicks back into place. Now there is no more evidence showing what I did. :geek:
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Re: Last Night

Unread postby bound4life2 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:28 pm

Sounds like you had a good time. When I used to do that I would use the saran wrap and duct tape. I just like the feel and smell of duct tape. I also would normally wrap my head in plastic wrap before covering my head with duct tape. I would leave my nose sticking out and that is the only skin you could see on my whole body. I usually would take a pen and poke two small holes where my eyes would go and that allowed me to see but only straight ahead (narrow rang of vision) and no peripheral vision at all.

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