Masking tape is stronger than it looks

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Masking tape is stronger than it looks

Unread postby tonyleeds » Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:28 pm

I have not been able to do any mummification for a while but this morning I has an interesting session using masking tape over clingfilm. I started by wrapping my legs together with some cheapo cling film that started tearing right from the start. I'd been doing some decorating recently and had two rolls of masking tape left so I used it to repair the cling film then decided to completely cover my legs and torso with it over the top of the clingfilm. I then did the same with my arms starting at the top. I had a lot of difficulty doing my second arm as my left arm did not want to bend due to the non stretchiness of the masking tape.. I finally managed and flopped down on the bed to recover. It was then that I realised how strong the tape really was as I could not bend my body or knees and movement became almost impossible.

It felt really tight and I drifted off for a while completely relaxed after enjoying myself a lot.

Some time later I wanted out but it was almost impossible. It took a long time to cut myself out. I'll have to try that again
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Re: Masking tape is stronger than it looks

Unread postby Hypercat » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:53 am

Like searching for gold and find the platinum?
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