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Unread postby lttk » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:28 pm

Hey everyone .
im looking for ideas how to co-mummify with only the two of us.
Wardrobe method was too difficult in the end.
Thought maybe we could each wrap tape backwards on ourselves and then stick together.
Or maybe wrap ourselves together up to the shoulders and have one of use be pre wrapped and the other
would do the tape sticky side out on their arms and our bodies and then stick them to our sides

On Fetlife as well. Pm for name.
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Re: co-mummification

Unread postby Franzia » Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:53 pm

I've never tried this yet, but two people mummified together without an assistant seems like it could very well be a clumsy affair no matter how you do it. It is an intriguing idea though. ;)

If the tape sticky-side-out doesn't work, possibly try leaving one person's arms or one arm free after wrapping and then both just roll up in something- perhaps a plastic painter's drop cloth or a blanket if it's a cool room. You could still have the effect of being mummified together even if it isn't a really tight wrap.
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Re: co-mummification

Unread postby SergioUK » Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:36 pm

Not exactly mummification but for a feeling of being trapped up close to someone, a one-piece waterproof suit can be a lot of fun. Easily available from DIY and building supplies outlets for as little as a tenner but. I have a couple that were popular a couple of years ago, usually in lurid green and advertised as chemical resistant. One was large enough for both myself and my partner at the time. I'd put it on and lie on the bed with the front open and she'd climb on top and wriggle legs and arms down into it, then we'd reach round and pull the zip up (quite tricky and takes a few goes for the one on top to turn her arm to bend the right way - one arm bent to reach the lower end and the other for the higher range worked best) and then we'd enjoy ourselves working up a sweat for a bit.
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Re: co-mummification

Unread postby LockedInALocker » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:43 pm

SergioUK wrote:Not exactly mummification but for a feeling of being trapped up close to someone, a one-piece waterproof suit can be a lot of fun.

     Along these lines, another idea that might be worth trying would be a surfboard bag. Many of them are probably quite big enough for two people to get into together, and would certainly force the two to remain intimately together. At least some bags are strongly built enough that you would have no chance of being able to break out, so you would be really trapped. As with many things, you get the quality you pay for.
     I think the two people might fit in better with one person's head by the other's feet, whereas I imagine they would probably prefer to be oriented the same way - but some bags would probably accommodate this - although the weight or build of the occupants would be crucial to this.
     One thing that could potentially cause problems is overheating; so this would be best done either on cold days or perhaps only for a shortish time. If you don't have a third person to lock you both in, it is quite possible to do this from inside, using a combination padlock - if the bag doesn't have padlock loops, you can simulate these by using cable ties on the zipper pulls.
     The gap between the zippers should allow enough air to get inside if your mouth is close to that gap; but if the head-to-feet arrangement is used, I'm not sure how it would be for the person whose face is not near that opening. Try it without actually locking it, and see if it works before committing to it.

Regards, Michael.
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Re: co-mummification

Unread postby jasonvh » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:50 am

i know awhile back when yahoo groups were active there was coed mummification and had some pictures of co-mummification
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