Latex Rubber Clothing In Public

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Re: Latex Rubber Clothing In Public

Unread postby rubbermark » Mon May 28, 2018 11:53 am

I've not really worn latex overtly in public and would be quite nervous to do so in all honesty. The closest I've got to that was probably standing on a balcony of an apartment I used to look be in whilst dressed in a full latex catsuit, corset and stockings under a latex maids outfit and in a pair of heels. It was nerve wracking in case anyone saw me but in reality the likelihood was quite low.

I have worn latex under male clothes publicly though. I've been made to wear latex sheath pants at work under my suit and have also had to wear the catsuit, stockings, corset and heels under male clothing to practice my walking in heels round the block from my house. Even though this was late at night I was terrified of being seen in the heels as these were the only item not hidden.
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