Illustrated Personal Crossdressing Abduction Fantasy

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Re: Illustrated Personal Crossdressing Abduction Fantasy

Unread postby bound_crossdresser » Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:39 am

I have entered Glamour Boutique's 2016 Sexy Legs Contest for crossdressing and transgendered "gurls" so please visit the contest's Facebook page at the link below if you are interested in seeing lovely ladies trying their best to playfully tease you with their sultry legs: ... 327421649/

Don't worry, you are able to vote for as many entries as you wish so please be discerning but not overly stingy in your selections- if a particular "gurl" catches your eye, show her your support with a vote or maybe even an encouraging compliment! I would be truly honored if one of my entries meets your standards to garner your vote! As a friendly reminder, submitting a vote on the Facebook app might be public so refrain from using an account that has personally identifiable information about yourself if you wish to continue to conceal your attraction to "gurls" like me.

Also, the contest will be open until November 26, 2016 at midnight so if you are a crossdressing/transgender lady then shave those legs silky smooth, slide them into some sheer stockings, slip on your sexiest high heels, get your camera out and start snapping some pictures! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Or, if you are the more daring type, you can go for the "bare leg" look perhaps with open-toed strappy sandals- just make sure to have your cute toes painted! Since it is purely a sexiest legs contest, it is ideal for you if you are like me- still "closeted" with your crossdressing activities and wish to continue to discretely hide your identity while getting to participate in the wider community!

Please keep in mind that Glamour Boutique is an online retail store that caters to the general crossdressing community and graciously hosts these friendly competitions for us to share our passion in a welcoming environment. It is understandable that most visitors and participants to the contest might be uncomfortable with the "kinkier" topics that we explore here on The Forum so refrain from referencing sexually-explicit or BDSM-related themes in your submitted pictures or comments. I trust that we can be respectful guests to their contest.
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