The REAL Reason They Lost the Cup - Hockey Punishment FemDom

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The REAL Reason They Lost the Cup - Hockey Punishment FemDom

Unread postby AliceInBondageLand » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:33 pm ... nt-9690615

I thought this group would truly appreciate this video that I made on the main stage of DomCon Los Angeles... you can also see the same clip over on my site too

"Hockey is my favorite sport but it is also the most superstitious.

Thus, it is with special pleasure that I show you all the REAL reason that the Las Vegas team was finally defeated in their playoff run. It seemed impossible, but a few days after performing this special humiliating ritual, their blast to the top was finally interrupted. It isn't as good as winning the cup, but it sure was fun. Congratulations to the 2018 Stanley Cup winners, our second favorite team "anyone that isn't Las Vegas."

Go Sharks!!!

I ritually punish "Elvis" for the wrongs done by the Knights against the Sharks, on stage at DomCon Los Angeles with special help from my fellow Mistresses of Ceremonies, Mistress Mia Darque and Mistress Sadie Synn along with Lady Kasia Amarande."
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