Institutional Stories

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Institutional Stories

Unread postby subgrrl » Fri Jul 03, 2015 7:41 am

In the Looking for A Story thread, airmat posted the following...

airmat wrote:Hi,

I'm looking for stories themed around a hospital/spa/resort/institutional setting where subs (preferable female) are kept in orgasm denial or chastity.

I thought that I would start an answer in this separate thread...

I know that the people behind Key, (which *ahem* includes me), are currently feverishly working on a long story which will include these precise elements - institutional, f-sub, chastity. It will be a while before the story is available (because, you know, amateurs), but will likely be called, "Saint Ynnym and the Sex Asylum".

Here's a short excerpt:
Before we knew it the week of the trip arrived. We flew to El Salvador and survived a harrowing van trip to the coast that flayed all of our nerves. I remember Bessica particularly getting really snippety. She had been pulling at her clothes and loosening her seatbelt repeatedly. I think that something was irritating her skin.

Ynnym was trying to diffuse the growing tension by describing some research that she had done on Bessica’s Aunt Lucette, our host. Ynnym described how many research papers cited papers written by Lucette, which, to Ynnym, was like the gold standard to respectability. Of course, Ynnym’s research just pissed Bessica off even more.

“I’ve been telling you this for years, Ynnym,” Bessica snarled. “You trust the internet more than your fucking best friend!”

“No! It’s not like that,” Ynnym tried to say.

Angela, of course, couldn’t help herself and piled on. “This is just the research Saint Ynnym has to do before she blesses someone. You should be happy, Bessica. Your aunt has been blessed by a saint now. Our deliverance is now assured!”

Ynnym then flicked Angela a bird.

“Holy shit!” I screamed. “Is that your aunt’s place?” I asked pointing out the window, happy to find a new subject in order to avoid conflict. There was a huge brick building out in the distance beyond which, I could see the ocean glowing in the last of the day’s sunlight.

“Le Puits Crux”, Bessica said. It sounded like “lay pee crew”, which made us laugh a little.

“This van ride has made me need to ‘le pee’!” Angela mumbled.

Bessica ignored Angela. “This has been used as an asylum for exceedingly rich patrons since the late 1800’s.”

“‘Has been used’?” I asked. “Did she say ‘has been used’? Not ‘was used’? Are you saying that there are still wackos there today?”

“Easy Caroline, they are not wackos!” Bessica said once again readjusting her shirt. “My aunt does not house serial killers at her place. The inhabitants are just not capable of taking care of themselves in the modern world. We keep them safe.”

“What?! You never told us that we were going to spend our holiday in an insane asylum!” I exclaimed. I turned to Ynnym. “Did you know this?”

“No,” Ynnym said, apparently still annoyed at Bessica.

“Maybe you should have looked at more than just Auntie Lucette’s CV,” Angela said to Ynnym. “Hmm… There are probably a lot of medical restraints. Perfect for you, your holiness.”

“Yes, there are,” Bessica said eying Ynnym, her lip twisted into a bit of a snarl. After a second, though, her face softened. “I’ll make sure to give you a tour.”

Ynnym looked at Bessica somewhat fearfully, until she saw the smile begin to form on Bessica’s face. Suddenly, she blushed and looked out the window. “OK,” she squeaked, working hard to keep from smiling, herself. Ynnym did not normally blush about bondage scenarios. Whatever she was thinking must have been extreme.

OK! Whatever. Anyways. We find that research is always good. So here are a couple of links to explore.

The Original Institute supposedly has links to stories that meet this criteria, but seems to be "rotting" a little. So, you may want to try the wayback machine instead: ...

Also, greggerbits has a page on straitjackets that has stories:
There used to be more stories. Lots were taken down recently, but... yeah...

There are more in deviantart as well...

If you know of good stories, please link them! 'Cause, you know... Research!

And if you want to *write* such a story, but are not quite sure what you want the story to be about... Well, I can get you an outline pretty quickly, I'm sure.

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Re: Institutional Stories

Unread postby Gentorra » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:39 am

I know it's too hard to understand. But the knowledge in the body.
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