Ideas For Cult-Based BDSM?

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Ideas For Cult-Based BDSM?

Unread postby weechlo » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:19 pm

So I have a story idea where a prosecutor is kidnapped by a cult after he puts one of their own in jail, the idea being similar to the concept of the 'mourning war' of the Iroquois people (the cult leader specifically name-drops them and explains that this concept is where the idea comes from). In a "mourning war", a tribe that suffers losses kidnaps people from the tribe that harmed them with the intention of exacting revenge and replacing the lost tribe member. The prisoner is tortured and if they survive and are seen as a worthy replacement, then they're adopted into the tribe.

In this, since the prosecutor convicted one of their members, the cult kidnaps him to perform this concept. The cult is very sexually charged and BDSM-driven, with BDSM and D/s concepts seen as ways to reaffirm trust, gain wisdom and humility, and express their love for one another in the most intense way they know how.

While I feel it should go without saying, I've watched enough documentaries about cults to feel the need to establish that there is no pedophilia or ephebophilia; all participants in this cult are adults.

I'm picturing their attempt to bring the prosecutor into the cult as being two-fold: the torture/punishment stage, and then the training stage.

The punishment stage I'm picturing as maybe having aspects of ponyplay, predicament bondage, and forced orgasms. As far as the commune is concerned, he harmed them and thus owes them, so his punishment is to be treated as a workhorse and sexual plaything for them for a set period of time.

The training stage is more standard and technically something that every new initiate undergoes, with the new member of the cult being given to a member of the community as their slave, with the elder member shepherding the newer one and helping them understand the joy that comes from trusting the community and loving the community.

Obviously there's a lot of brainwashing going on, Stockholm Syndrome, that sort of thing. I want it to feel organic, extreme but not too terribly horrific because, technically, none of these people want to kill him or hurt him permanently. What they're doing is horrific but they genuinely feel that they're doing this man a favor, and I want that to also come across throughout the story, even when they're sexually torturing him.

I just need some ideas for scenarios for the story itself, if anyone's willing to help me brainstorm? Willing to provide additional details about characters/the commune/the cult as needed! :)
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