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Amateur Erotica Survey

Unread postby syryn » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:53 am

I would like to introduce you to the "Amateur Erotica Survey" at!

Do you often find yourself searching for far too long for a story that appeals to your particular array of kinks? Maybe you will end up spending a lot of time finessing a Google query... Or perhaps you read an excessive amount of stories that just don't really do it for you just to find one special tale...

Well... the Amateur Erotica Survey at is the site you should visit each and every day.

Consider Literotica... Generally more than 600 stories are uploaded to the website every week. Certainly one of those stories will be appealing to you, but how are you ever going to find it. They have a search facility, but still... searching all that is a timely process. That is where the Amateur Erotica Survey will help you.

Once a day, I choose a search term which I enter into Literotica's search engine, seeking stories with matches over the past week. Then I deploy my vast army of Pets to go forth and read the stories. In the process they will cut snippets of the story text containing the chosen search term and a collection of other standard BDSM related terms. These snippets are then compiled into a report that can hopefully help the searcher (ie. you, me, anyone...) to get a quick flavor of the story in a short period of time.

Why stop with just Literotica? I also survey a collection of other story websites once a week to give you a flavor of the new stories being posted there as well! Currently, I examine Gagged Utopia's Story Archive and Gromet's Plaza. More sites will be added in the future - maybe even your site!

I wrote this service for me, but I provide the results to the world.

Check it out!
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Re: Amateur Erotica Survey

Unread postby alsosprachzar » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:06 pm

interesting idea, but from what I've read there is no reason I wouldn't just go to Literotica and do the search myself, as the curation you provide is very weak. At a minimum you should have the post date, current rating, Lit tags, length and # of favorites. Then as a plus the POV of the characters.

Let's consider the current top post, Modification. I assume the search term was modification, meaning body modifications, though this is not clear and the term does not appear in any of your synopsis.(?) The first story about Jessica does not seem to have any modifications. She does get stuck by a needle, which seems to be a theme here...again, what? The little clipettes are too short to have any idea what is actually happening.

On to the second most current post, Cyborg. I assume the search is about robots and cyborg sex, but in the first story "the red dress" there is no robot, just someone complementing someone as being so perfect they are like a cyborg. The second story is the same. Here is the quote: "but you can't have a relationship like we had without some kind of attachment, unless you're both robots or complete sluts or just don't give a shit about anything in life" Again, this isn't robots getting frisky.

So, for now, I will stick to my methods of finding stories, helped by being so far behind I will never catch up.
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Re: Amateur Erotica Survey

Unread postby subgrrl » Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:05 am

Cool. Thanks for the review. I will definitely think about adding some of the features that you have suggested. I should be able to add current rating and number of favorites. I was tracking the length in the past and will one day resume. I have thought about ways to add a determination of the POV and gender too.

So, I have written algorithms to scrape these results together. They are not curated by humans in any way.

Here is the problem that I am trying to solve: I want to search for a newly written story about permanent bondage (for example). So, I go to the literotica search page and enter "permanent bondage" (with the quotes) and I set the "Find stories from the past:" drop down to "1 week". When I search (today) I get zero results. Well... or course... a story may have some form of permanent bondage but never have the words "permanent bondage" in the text. "... since there is no keyhole, you will never be able to remove those handcuffs again, my love..."

OK... So, perhaps I should just search for the word "permanent" (42 stories from the past week). Or maybe "permanently" (20 stories). Literotica search only matches exact hits... I could do "permanent OR permanently"... (56 hits)

I have a set of stories, but they might or might not have anything to do with permanent bondage. I need to look at a bit of text to determine that. If I was doing this by hand I would click on the link for the story. Maybe the story is 5 pages long... My keyword could be on any of those pages. So, I perform a search on that page (I use the Chrome browser)... Ah! There it is - "permanently" - "...He'd left them there so I guess they were now permanently ready to take my obedient and willing wrists..." OK... Close - frequent bondage perhaps, but no, this is not permanent bondage. Darn! Well... there are 55 more stories to check...

My automated survey does all this work for me.

Let's say that I want to read a story about body modifications of some sort because I have a thing for that. Using the search keyword "modification" gets me 2 hits over the past week.

Hit 1:
"Forming the familiar image of the assassin's ninjato in her mind, she made one major modification, inscribing the only rune she knew into the blade as she shaped the metal one final time." - Hmm... doesn't sound like body mod...

Hit 2:
"The modification to the farming ships proved invaluable and as that system has a red dwarf star..." - Hmm... not body mod either...

Currently, for "modification" I search for the following combination of keywords "needle", "needles", "septum", and "modification" as a story tag. That got me 28 hits over the past week (a nice number with not too many to scan in a short period of time nor too few to be useful). Sure. That gets me a lot of stories with "...pins and needles..." and "...needle in a haystack...". But I also find stories about getting piercings and tattoos.

So... that is what my "Amateur Erotica Survey" can do so far.

I want it to be able to recommend stories to me. Maybe one day it will look through all of the roughly 600 stories added to literotica each week and use some sort of AI to determine based on my past ratings that a particular story would really rock my world.

Baby steps!

Anyways, I would really, really love to hear how you search for stories! Maybe I could automate that process too and improve my service!

Thanks for your input!
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Re: Amateur Erotica Survey

Unread postby syryn » Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:30 pm


I have extended the collection of sites that I survey to include The Fet Library!

Here is my first attempt at surveying the most recent stories posted to The Fet Library.

Now, my service surveys recently posted stories from The Fet Library, Gromets Plaza, Utopia Stories, and Literotica.

You can see the reports on my blog: which contain links to the stories, as well as some strategically extracted snippets containing BDSM related keywords intended to provide a taste of the flavor of the story with the hope of making the search for your next favorite erotic story an efficient process.

Check it out! Make suggestions!

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