Proofreaders wanted. Two females torturing transgirl

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Proofreaders wanted. Two females torturing transgirl

Unread postby AcademyOfFetishes » Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:06 am

Hello! I have a hand injury that's on the mend. Unfortunately, my libido didn't get the memo, and it drove me to write a very perverted story. Since I couldn't type it, I used Google docs dictation software. The software is pretty bad, especially when it comes to capitalization. I was wondering if any kind souls here would be interested in reading and editing the story?

The story is actually part of a textbased game I'm making, so it might feel like you're starting at the middle of a story instead of the beginning. It's first person, and your gender is ambiguous. You play the role of the school's principal. Besides you, there are three characters in the story:

Nurse Neadle: She's the school nurse.

Mrs. Ball: She's the school's PE teacher and is extremely sadistic.

Bailey: She's an extremely masochistic trans girl and a student of the school.

The story is about Nurse Neadle and Mrs. Ball torturing Bailey's testicles. It involves urethra torture, needles, and extreme pain, but there's no mutilation or guro. This scene takes place during an event called holy week. During this event, students wear chasity devices, and the nurse and teacher see if they can get Bailey to orgasm from pain alone.

If this sounds interesting to you, I'd love it if you could proofread and correct my story. Below is a link you can use to read it. If you see an error, please correct it. Anybody with this link has the ability to edit the document.

https:// .com/ document/d/1khhBk1FpXYpd0lyL7Eovt6N_iJNWfotaplH5pDzAIGg/edit?usp=sharing

I have added spaces to this link because I don't know if it will trigger a spam filter. Copy the link into your browser and remove the spaces and it will take you to my document. Thanks!
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