story idea from a dream but a bit derivitave

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story idea from a dream but a bit derivitave

Unread postby 2000m » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:27 pm

thought i would get this down before i forget it if anyone wants to take the idea and run with it feel free.

here is the basic outline

me and girlfriend visit a country with strange customs (yea common scenario) you can visit their country but in order to visit you need to wear a foreigner belt here is where it gets a bit convoluted (its for a couple reasons prevention of std and preventing foreigners from being impregnated or impregnating their citizens ,far fetched i know)
there are areas where the belt can be removed but those areas have the locals all wearing "state belts" they are just small walled off areas to give foreigners a break and always contain a hotel for visitors.

the visitor belt is not as invasive as the state belt and girlfriend wants to experince the state belt and i go along with her she asks a couple locals how to do it they all have barcodes on their wrists so they take us back and mark our wrists with ink and stencils and say just leave from the local area and get scanned then come back in a local door and be scanned
so i go out the local door a automated ring comes up flashes red then green and says chastity disabled then scans my wrist (i had none) the ring went down the door opened i stepped out and a trap door opened and closed behind me i assume that dropped the removed chastity belt my girl friend followed me out then said we better hurry back cause you dont want to be a foreigner without a belt out here so we both went back in

the state belting procedure was way more than just a shield for starters it sprayed a depilatory it installed a couple ball rings and a foreskin piercing and installed a pear in the pooper that expanded and locked onto the belt which was twice as thick and heavy

we enjoyed examining the new belts for a while but it made us walk differently so we asked the couple how to get them off and they said just exit the foreigner door but don't let it scan your wrist and let it scan your passport so we exited at the local door and the ring rose said belt disabled it fell to the floor with a clunk after feeling a bunch of clicks and whirs and feeling like i just took a dump due to the plug then it scanned i flashed my passport and the computer said wrong door please exit at the rear so i did i was back in the visitor zone without the belt my girlfriend came back as well and said wow it worked we went back to our room and she showed me 6 healed piercing holes on her area and she noticed 3 healed piercings on what the foreskin area (wow they have instant healing spray like from logan's run i dont know) its interesting both of us smooth and hairless down there

we exited the visitor gate and it gave us a new belt to install no problem enjoyed the rest of our vacation upon leaving we go though outgoing customs individually but i cant find my id and the local enforcer sees my barcode and says you know you are free to leave you just need to have the state belt installed to insure your return and prevent the other customary reasons but i said i am not a local we went swimming and i left my papers in her purse he goes well just come back with your papers and we will take it off "local boy" i figure it would just be less than an hour after i meet up with my girlfriend again so i go to the local booth again it installs the belt just like last time i exit to the entrance and it gives me a silver "care case" customs of my country and say my girlfriend has my papers so he runs my prints and lets me in saying dont worry many kinksters do this (so why didn't they do that the guy says they have different procedures we have no control of) so just go to an embassy and they will take it off the case contains no contraband and is declared as of no value

i meet up with my girlfriend and she cant find my papers so we just go home i order new ones it takes 2-4 weeks

i have to use the bathroom so check the care case and it has basic picture instructions on how to hook up hose to sink and to port and how every time i go number 2 it is in a shower as the device internally sprays clean all areas and liquifies internal filth and it goes down the shower drain number ones are ok but you have to be seated as it comes out the mid port of the belt as well

within the week my girlfiend says you just aren't filling my needs anymore and says we need to take a break i am able to conceal the belt at work nobody cares anyway since there are a few kinksters around and everybody is rainbow sensitive now

week three my papers come so i go to the embassy i tell them the story the bar code has wore off by now and they are confused as to how i am wearing the state belt and they show my id was used to leave the country already and if you attempt to re enter you will be charged with conspiracy to defect and warned about tampering with the belt as it would have dangerous effects so now i am trapped

a year later i see my girlfriend with a guy i say hi and thought he looked a bit familiar tell her of my predicament she asked if any of my hair has grown back cause none of hers has either says she met him a couple years ago on a vacation she then whispers that he has 3 piercings and is smooth too

i wonder
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