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RE: comments - Sabrina's Masked Intruder

Unread postby feline » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:58 pm

Sabrina's Masked Intruder

Go to the Bondage Section, and then find the stories by "Stig"

This is a relatively short story, and has a go at the familiar fantasy of a woman wanting to be taken by a masked intruder, played by her boyfriend.

I had one or two small concerns about this, as the story went on, but the man in her life is very sensible, and does the right things, and clearly knows what he is doing.

The story is a lot of fun, very nicely written, and full of sexy happy feelings. It left me with a big happy smile on my face, and a warm feeling inside. Go on, have a read!
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Re: comments - Sabrina's Masked Intruder

Unread postby Master Stephen » Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:53 pm

Just stumbled on this. I wrote that story and one other called "Thump" that's out there somewhere back in about 2000. Had fun writing them, but never got around to doing more.
Glad you liked it! It was supposed to be fun and lighthearted, and looking back, the male character should not have left Sabrina unsupervised for that short period.
But hey, it's a story, right? :lol:
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