A Story of a Naughty Girl: Corin

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RE: A Story of a Naughty Girl: Corin

Unread postby Hypercat » Wed Jul 12, 2006 7:34 pm

I confess this story frighted me a bit, expecially the last warning, because I know to be naughty. Even if not as well as her. I usually get three orgasm a day.
But, besides that, I don't know, but I feel there's something wrong in this storyOuch 
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RE: A Story of a Naughty Girl: Corin

Unread postby restricted » Tue Jul 18, 2006 3:51 am

[size=15]Just goes to show, you can't trust the post there either!
Three things that strike me as wrong!
1/ If you did post the keys, it would have made sense to put them in seperate envelopes and send them from different towns!
2/ It would have been more prudent to only have posted one key and left a key in a left luggage locker/office some way away so it took some time to collect the key.
3/ What woman would rather go without lovemaking rather than raw sex? Surely, she would have overcome her embarrassment and gone to the fire brigade!  
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RE: A Story of a Naughty Girl: Corin

Unread postby feline » Sun Jul 23, 2006 3:46 pm

having read the story i very much agree with restricted's points.  the story did nothing to explain (or i missed it) why some other method to remove the belt would not work.

as for the keys, perhaps the low tech solution is best.  post one key, and give the spare key to a very trusted friend, who will hang on to it for you.

depending on how trust worthy the friend is there is the obvious variation / game of they keep the key for a month, but you have the option of trying to earn it back sooner...  *wicked giggles*

so the story has given me some interesting ideas, but the basic logic of the story let it down rather badly, at least for me *shrug*
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