review - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

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RE: review - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Unread postby feline » Tue Jul 11, 2006 7:25 pm

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

the formatting issue that was quite evident when i first read this now seems to have been fixed, so if you also encountered that it is now safe to return :)

at first i was not sure what to make of this, but on reflection i have concluded it is a parable, about the infinite power of human stupidity, plus the fact you should ALWAYS read the small print!

making a deal with the devil...  tut tut tut.  this is the devil, he is known to be evil, and it would seem he has this reputation for a reason.

if there is anyone in this story i can warm to it is the devil, since he is going out there, getting things done, and not being some total idiot about it.

the man, i don't know much about him but what i do see is hardly flattering.  he does do his feeble best to make sure he is going to get a good deal, but to say he was out classed would be a total understatement.

there is some bondage in this story, but not a lot, and personally i would hardly call it sexy.  i can see the appeal of being taken as a sex toy, but there was nothing appealing about what happened to him, or the presentation.

the other thing, besides this less than appealing man, is the whole matter of how the police woman "gets rid" of her worn out men.  this is a very vague concept, but i did feel there was a rather dark "undercurrent" to the idea.
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