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Unread postby feline » Tue Jul 11, 2006 6:43 pm

Too Much Pleasure

this is smooth, flowing, and easy to read.  as a person i found myself rather warming to Wendy, since while she is quite a solitary person she is also dedicated, focussed and hard working.  the lengths she has gone to in pursuit of her goal, and it is such a fun and sexy goal, are to be applauded.

personally i tend to like stories where computers or other mechanical devices are used for control, since they can be so merciless!  of course, this means you have to be all the more careful with them!

which brings me to where this story stops, and the final scene.  the idea of the scene is very appealing and interesting, but i am not happy with its final end point.

this is a highly intelligent, highly trained woman, yet she seems to have no emergency backup plan.

if my sense of the general environment is correct then there is no reasonable hope of someone walking in and finding her in time, so how is she to be rescued?

she, in fact no one, should ever place their sole release in the hands of a computer, they are simply to unreliable as devices.  so where is her backup plan?  how is she to get out of this?  oh yes, and she should have tested her program before going live with it!

ultimately i want a happy ending, and it is not clear from where the story stops how this is to be achieved.  for me this rather spoiled the story.
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